Hello! I’m back with another article. It’s all about feet, and shoes. Did you know that 80% of the shoes women wear. Are the wrong fit? Causing blisters, corns, calluses, and bunions.  Women who wear high heels everyday. Are really hurting their feet. Over the years high heels create Tendonitis. I know you love your cute shoes. But think about your feet in the long run. As we age. We develop issues with our feet. So this article will help you find the right shoe.

  1. In 80% of women, one foot is larger than the other. Either by width or length. So trying on shoes. Measure your feet with a foot scale. And pick your shoes either a size larger, or wider.
  2. If your high heels pinch your toes. Use a foot cushion insert. For your heels.
  3. When buying a running shoe avoid a thick sole. Thick soles are bad for your feet and may cause discomfort when running.
  4. Try buying flats, and put a foot cushion. To give your feet a relaxed fit.
  5. Avoid sandals. Sandals with leather material, causes calluses. So try to use a flat shoe for the summer time. Calluses are embarrassing. So to aid this. Use a pumice stone, and soak your feet in warm water. Making your feet soft, and scrape off the dead skin.
  6. Tendonitis is a serious issue. Like I said. High heels are really bad for your feet, and heels. When the Tendon bone is pushed in. It creates  pain in the foot. I’m not saying that you should pitch all your high heels. Just avoid the really high ones. Try a lower heel or flats.
  7. Blisters are caused when the shoe is a little stiff. And you have to break in the shoe. Buy some heel pads. And also break in the shoe by bending them a few times. This will make the shoe a better feel. Also wear some heel cushions.
  8. Corns happen when your toes are pinching in your shoes. And is in constant movement as you work. So get a corn bandage and place on top of the corn.  You might want to skip exercise until the corn is gone.
  9. Bunions is a bony growth that grows on your big toe. So to remedy this. You may need to see a foot specialist. To get it treated. As this is an inflammation of the bone. And the toe moves inward. Ouch!
  10. Here are a pair of shoes that are good to buy.  This is a good example of a good flat shoe.

I hope I helped you all in buying better shoes for your feet. I don’t want you to be in pain. Be good to your feet. And get pedicures often. Enjoy!