Hello Everyone! I am back with another book club recommendations. This year I am starting by reading my next books. Of the New Year. Reading is very important. The more you read. The better writer you’ll be.  You begin to create more ideas in your head. And possibly more content as you brainstorm.  Let’s begin by my next books:

  1. The Female Body: An Owners Manual: By the editors of Prevention Magazine.

2. The Time Travelers Wife: By: Audrey Niffeneggar

  • 3. The Dark Tower The Gunslinger: By: Stephan King
  • 4. Once: By; James Herbert
  • 5. Gai-Jin:  The Epic Novel of the Birth on Modern Japan. By: James Clavell.

The deadline to read these books is March 30th, 2019. So if you want to join me in any of the selected reading list. We will have a discussion soon.