Hello Everyone! It’s that time of year again. Where I share my styling advice as the season changes. For winter I see a lot of floral patterns. Also I see a lot of sweaters this season. Keeping warm as the tempts drop is important. So you don’t get sick. So here is my style guide for this year! Enjoy!

  1. This year I see a lot of sweater dresses in stores. I bought a few sweater dresses. And they are making them better quality. They are beautiful and figure flattering.

2. This years winter colors are red, gold, and winter white. Here are a few pictures that show these colors.

3. Gloves and scarves are a great way to style your look. It completes an outfit. And is very classy.

4. Now’s the season to wear stylish coats and jackets. To keep you warm. I love a new leather jacket. Paired with some leather boots, and purse. And you will be smoking hot! ( You can do faux leather and still look stylish. )

5. Black tights, are a staple for completing an outfit. It keeps your legs warm, and is considered a modest approach to your wardrobe.

7. A new pair of boots are great too! But I only buy them in stores. I don’t like buying boots online. They never work. And I always have to send them back. So I would go to a store to try them on. It saves you the hassle of finding your perfect boot.

So, this is my new Winter Style Guide of 2018! Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂