Hello Everyone! Over the past two weeks. I  have given up fast food. And will write about my experience. I have been eating clean religiously. Only home cooked meals. I haven’t eaten out at any restaurants this whole month. I also don’t drink soda. I haven’t had any soda for two weeks. The things I have noticed that changed for me. Is having a good night’s sleep. And waking up rested. I have soft skin, from eating vegetables and fruit. My weight went down 5 pounds in these last two weeks. My goal is to lose 50 pounds. I am now down 35 pounds. Only 15 pounds more to go. And I will reach my goal.

Is it hard to not eat fast food? You ask. In the beginning it is. Especially when you see food commercials on TV. But I stuck through it. And grabbed a bag of almonds. I have been snacking on these. Instead of eating chips. And over time you are glad not eating all that greasy food.

For my meat intake. I’ve been enjoying Turkey Burgers. It is the leanest meat, and has no fat. I also have been eating egg whites for breakfast. I make sure to eat a hearty breakfast every morning. Or, I have a protein shake.  Also eating whole wheat rice, and whole wheat pasta.

So you think I’m crazy by now. It really isn’t that bad. I feel more energized, my skin looks and feels so soft. My hair is also soft as well.  And also I drink more water. The only drinks I will drink is, water, iced tea, milk, and Herbalife shakes. On occasion I would have lemonade to cure my soda cravings.

Along with exercising everyday. I am now getting a six-pack on my abs. My legs look leaner, my arms are sculpted. And my back looks straighter. My love handles are gone. I don’t have a muffin top anymore. And I look great!

I hope I inspired you all to eat and exercise better. If you ever find yourself wanting to lose a lot of weight. Cut out Fast Food. And cook more. To get the body you want. Enjoy!