Hello Everyone! The topic for today is about makeup. And when we buy our products. Which is better to go with, drug store, or high-end makeup?  What I have found is, that it depends on your research of the best brands. In both drug store, and high-end makeup. So read on! For more beauty tips.

  1. Foundation: is something I would invest in more. Since it stays on your skin all day. A good brand that I use is Lancome’s press powder.  It matches perfectly with my skin tone. And I don’t have to use a lot. Plus its foundation and powder in one. So I’m not using too many layers. But I find Almay is a drug store brand. That is a good choice. Since it changes to your skin tone. And since you can’t try on the foundation in the drug store. Go with Almay. And you still keep it affordable for your wallet.
  2. Lipstick: Is something that is a deal-breaker. Some drug store brands can be just as good as high-end brands. Loreal is a good brand. And offers the best red lipsticks.
  3. Blush: is also a deal breaker. It depends on the brand. Research the different brands. And read their reviews online. And see which brands are the best blush options. Although I am obsessed with the Too Faced blush. From the Funfetti makeup kit. It’s the best color I have found in blush. And goes with all skin tones
  4. Eye Shadow’s/ Eye Liner’s/ Mascara: I am known to have a lot of eye makeup. And I own many eye shadow kits. I love playing with eye shadow. Especially for a holiday party like Halloween or Christmas. Depending on the occasion. I could go bold or natural. Also I would go with Wet & Wild eye liner and mascara. Because they are animal cruelty free. So I find drugstore brands are the better way to go. When shopping for eye makeup. As you can get double your money’s worth.
  5. Perfume: This is something I would invest in. I don’t like cheap perfume. So I would wear high-end fragrances. Because they have the best quality ingredients. I also like the scent better on high end perfume better. I like Elizabeth Taylor Passion Perfume.
  6. Makeup Kits:  Sometimes getting makeup kits is exciting. And it saves you money. Because you get everything in one purchase. Like the Too Faced Funfetti makeup kit. For $49.50. You get eye shadow, lip gloss, blush, mascara, and brush. That is a good deal.


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So, what it comes down to. Is research the brands beforehand. Read the reviews, of the specific brands. And choose wisely. I’m sure you will find bargains out there. As most of the time it’s a deal-breaker, between brands. Hope you enjoyed it!  🙂