Hello Everyone! I’m back with another style guide. For the upcoming Fall / Autumn season. This year I see more people are looking forward for the Fall. And are preparing early this year for this years styling.  So I decided to post early on this one.

purple suit

  1. This year I see a lot of deep purples, and deep burgundy. So using these colors you will be on top of all trends.
  2. I see also a lot of golden floral patterns. On a lot of dresses. This is a nice color scheme to work with.
  3. Gold is a nice color to work with in jewelry, and accessories. So polish your gold jewelry, and try to accessorize accordingly.
  4. Also a power suit in bold colors are favored. It makes you stand out, and people like to see different work outfits. http://www.jessicalondon.com is a store to buy quality power suits, and dresses. And is age appropriate for young adults and up.
  5. Buy a new pair of jeans, in black, blue, and camel. Get rid of the old worn out pants. And upkeep your wardrobe.
  6. Buy a pair of low heeled shoes. For offices, church, and casual dressing.
  7. Also now is the time to go through your closet, and de-clutter your clothes. Get rid of the old, worn, and outgrown clothes. And make room for new clothes.
  8. Also change your purses for the new Fall season. Get in brown, or earth tones.
  9. Also get a new sweater. As soon as the tempts change and cools down. Also good for the offices, if your job keeps the air conditioning cold.

This is the new style guide of Fall 2018! Enjoy! 🙂