Hello everyone! Yes I read all comments. And approve the ones I see that are worthy. But time to time. I get messages with people having technical issues with my site. So let me give you some hints and tips that might work on your end.

  1. I mostly work with Internet Explorer. So I don’t have any of some of your issues. Many of you said that you can use other browsers. And have it load ok on Firefox and Google. But Internet Explorer is not loading properly. And has words running off the screen.  Check your browsers. Because I use Internet Explorer. And don’t have your issues.
  2. Try resetting your zoom settings. Either 100%, or sometimes 75%. Then everything should fit on the screen.
  3.  If my pictures are not loading. It’s something wrong with your browser. Enable cookies. And try clearing your cache.
  4. If you’re loading is slow. It’s coming from your end. Because many people say it loads fast.
  5. Maybe it is something with Internet Explorer. That has the issues. I’m not trying to disagree with you. But I don’t have your issues on my end.
  6. Maybe you should use the other browsers like Google and Firefox, if it loads ok.

I will leave this post to talk about solutions to your problems. I’m not an expert with computer technical issues. So if anyone can give their advice. Comment below. And maybe we can solve all your problems. And have my site back and perform better. I leave this thread open to technical guru’s. To help make my site improve. Thank you!