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Summer Fun Book Club Discussion!


Hello Everyone! There is nothing more relaxing than reading a book in the summer. And I have two books that I read. In this Book Club discussion. I will share their titles.


  1. Love, Life, and the List: By: Kasie West. This story is perfect for a summer read. As it takes place in the summer. It is a story about failure, love, and friendship.

Abbey Turner is the main character in this story. The story takes place in the summer. Her friend group in school is, Cooper, Justin, and Rachel. Justin and Rachel are away for the summer. So it was just Abbey and Cooper. Which Abbey is in-love with. But Cooper thinks they are just friends. So they hang out together as friends.

Abbey happens to be an artist. And went to her teacher at the museum. She submitted some paintings. For the upcoming art show. But Mr. Wallace told her, her paintings were not good enough. That they lacked depth. So Abbey upset and crying. Told Cooper. But Cooper ended up telling her mom. About what Mr. Wallace said. And her mom and grandfather told her to make a list. And Abbey wanted to make new paintings. To re-submit to the art show.

So Abbey and Cooper, do this list together. The first thing was face a fear. So, they rode a Quad together. So afterward. Abbey painted a picture of Cooper riding the quad.  So this list was making Abbey and Cooper closer. But they are dating other people. Abbey was with Elliot. A boy who worked at The Cheesecake Factory. And Cooper was seeing, some girl.

The second thing on Abbey’s list was read two classic novels. So she went to the library. And picked out two books, Crime & Punishment, and Pride & Justice. She also meets this girl named Lacey, she was the zit girl on a commercial. And was really popular. So they were invited to a party.

The next thing, was to experience a new life. So she watched the sun rise with Cooper. So as Abbey does this list. She paints a new picture.

So by the time to resubmit her paintings. She shows Mr, Wallace. And he said they were good. So she ended up being featured in the art show. But only to find out. This was the time she kiss Cooper. And tell him how she really feels. She and Lacey develop a plan. To get her with Cooper.

But by the time the art show happened. Cooper didn’t show up. And discovered her father talked to Mr. Wallace, about letting her into the art show. Abbey was mad at everyone.

She dropped her relationship with Cooper. And was so upset with him and her dad.

So, Cooper said he was sorry. And they got into a huge fight, and then they kissed. So, at the end Abbey and Cooper, got together as a couple. And she sold a painting.



2. The Light Between Oceans: By: M.L. Stedman. This book is now a Major Motion Picture. And the bookstore recommended it. It takes place in Australia. This is perfect to read in the summer. Because it takes place at the beach.

This book was really good! One of the best books I have read in a long time. It’s a major motion picture. And I can see why.

The introduction starts off, with a couple of name Tom, and Isabel Sherbourne. They live at a light house. On a deserted island. One day they find a boat. And a dead man in it. They also find a baby girl. Now Isabel and Tom, went through heart-break. They miscarried three babies. When they found this baby. They didn’t know who her mother was. And thought she was dead too. So they keep the girl. And told everyone that they had her.

So the story then goes back in time. To where Tom and Isabel met. And how they get married. Then, they live on Janus island. They worked at the lighthouse. And lived on the beach. So they tell everyone that they had a baby girl. And named her Lucy. Only to find back home at, Portuguese, Australia. They find out that her real mother was alive. But Isabel and Tom was Lucy’s parents.  So Tom, wanted to do the right thing. But Isabel said it would be too hard on Lucy.

So, as the story unravels. Savanna, Lucy’s real mother comes to find. Her long-lost daughter was alive. By some letters Isabel wrote. So Savanna, reported it. Saying her daughter was alive. And was being held from her. So comes to find out. Tom and Isabel had lied about having the girl. And was found guilty of lying on the job. By killing, the girl’s father, and kidnapping Lucy. Which her real name was Grace.

So, Lucy is taken, and given back to Savanna. But Lucy is a real Tyrant. She wanted her Mommy, and Daddy. She thought Savanna was lying. And was a real brat. So by the end of the story. Isabel set things right, and said to the police. Tom did not kill the man. That they found him already dead. And they didn’t know Lucy’s mom was alive. So they kept Lucy, and raised her like their own.

So, the charges were dropped. And Tom and Isabel move to Sydney. Without Lucy. Lucy grew up with Savanna. And at the end. Lucy finds that Isabel died. And Tom was alive. So, Lucy finds them. When she was older, and had a baby of her own. I liked the ending. It was really good.


I hope you enjoyed the discussion. I love it when I read something good. I’ll be back soon. With more Book Club books soon!



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