Hello Everyone! It is now half a year today. And I have some great news. My New Year’s Resolution’s are still standing strong. I just landed a new blogging job. I will be getting income through this new system. Don’t worry I’m still here. And this site is still completely free. Unless you order my books through Amazon. If you want any of my books. You can access them at Amazon. Just search Anjalee Jadav. And my books are there.

So, my dream of becoming a freelance writer came true. I am blogging for a living. And I will now be financially healthy. I will pay off bills. And be free!

Then, I am still planning to travel more this year. India is my first destination. Then, Italy, Ireland, and Hawaii.

Now, enough about my New Year’s Resolution’s. Are you meeting your’s. Here are ways to keep your resolutions as well.

  1. Revisit your list.
  2. Note whether you made progress. Like, trying to lose weight. How is that going?  If you have been dieting and exercising faithfully. I am sure without a doubt. That you made progress.
  3. Did you get that dream job?
  4. Have you given up on a habit? Like smoking, alcohol, or junk food?
  5. If you feel you didn’t make some of your goals, on your list. Refocus, and have a back up plan. You can always start over again. You still have half a year left. To get back on track.

We’ll talk about New Year’s next year. So don’t give up! You will achieve success!