Here is a real story of the limelight of all Hollywood celebrities. It starts as a child achieving their dreams in the entertainment industry. But soon into their growing career. They sign record contracts. And acting roles that go against their morals. Sooner or later they encounter deals with the Devil. I live with Jesus in my heart. I was baptised, into the ways of Jesus. But now I really feel that the times of Sodom and Gomorrah is approaching. And the next Sodom and Gomorrah is Hollywood. History will repeat itself. And soon we will be asked by God to leave our homes. And run to the wilderness. Leave everything behind and not to look back. Are you ready to leave your memories behind?

I’m not trying to preach. I am educating you that the day’s of our time. Is headed into evil.

Fame! is a word, of sickness. And I see both evil, and good, in Fame. Some stars fought with the Devil. And won. Do not be deceived. The Devil can be beautiful. And even pretend to be your friend. But if you know Jesus. You will see through the lies The Devil says. When you see something on TV, Internet, social media, and news. That you know is evil. I urge you to just turn off your TV, shutdown your computer, and filter your social media accounts. You do have the option to choose what you want to see. And what to block. Turn off your subscriptions to the media. That just encourages evil.

When we were teenagers we wanted to be someone. Some go into singing, acting, writing, and other jobs. That gets you noticed. Is the price of fame worth it? You are worth more than Fame! Don’t lose the light, you were born with. The Devil will try to take your light/soul.


Chapter 1:

Why should you trust me? You Ask? Because I have never signed a contract with the Devil. I am not famous, and don’t want that either. I am just a person that wants to see more good. Than the bad.

Are you ready to leave your home, and go into the wilderness? And not look back? The time is now. And God will destroy the evil.

The next thing is Hollywood and the lies it hides. Women being assaulted, and now are fighting back what was taken from them. I know it’s hard to do. That’s something no one should ever have to go through. And the predators that did these horrible acts are now finally getting backed into a corner. And are now being persecuted for their crimes.

But for many years, maybe even centuries, we know this has been going on throughout life on Earth. And it started with a woman and a man, from the beginning. Women were shunned, and threatened if they report their horrible acts. I’m not bashing all men. Just the sicko’s.

Now I do know some good men. That would fight this, along with women. A good man will always fight the evil. And protect women.

Do you believe in magic? Or the word Majick. I do know there is a majick in all souls. It’s our breath of life. And the energy we use it, either for good, or bad. Protect you own majick. Don’t let anyone take your light away. It’s yours since birth.

But with Hollywood! The term “magic” is different. Hollywood uses smoke and mirrors to deceive.  Don’t believe the lies. They may seem to have mansions, cars, and estates. But we know all that, is created by lies. They seem rich. But I’d rather be humble. They build their houses on the sand. But I build my house on the mountain.

Chapter 2:


There are psychics, mediums, and people who claim they can talk to the dead. But God says no one can talk to the dead. The dead are asleep. Let the dead celebrities rest in peace. Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, and many others. Let them rest in peace. They will not come back. Until Jesus calls on us.

But these are lies! If they do come in contact. It is a demon. There are demons among us. The fallen angels. And they are very real. I have had many encounters with them. I have had experience with supernatural presence, before. But I am protected by Jesus. And they tried to discourage me. My soul is strong.

There has also been many weather disasters. That keep getting worse. Hurricanes are wiping out states. And flooding. Destroying homes, families, lost pets, and animals. These storms are getting worse.

School shootings in school. Killing innocent children. Where they are said to be safe. But these are violent acts. That we live through.

I have also come in contact with witches. I do believe in majick. And I know it is the light that exists within all of us. Do everything you can to keep your soul. It’s your’s since birth. And when we die. Our soul is brought back to God. And we will be in peace.


Chapter 3:

It is Memorial Day today in the U.S. And I see, that there are many brave men, and women, who fight the evil. So we can be free from evil. My grandfather Samuel Hankins. Was a soldier for World War 2. He is my hero. He read the Bible to us everyday at supper time. He educated me, in the dangers there are out there. He taught me how to fight the lies.

We hold more power than the Devil. We are higher than the angels. Angels both good and bad. Were created for us, and to serve us. I studied angels a lot. I know how to work with them. I mentioned of having supernatural events in my teenager years. And I was silenced.  I wanted to be sure what I was seeing was real, or evil. And now I hold more power. Cause I trained myself to protect my soul.

I did study majick. And even have some very good friendships with witches. They are friendly. And I learned a lot from them. There is good and evil in everything. It’s what you put into the energy. That makes the majick powerful.

I also, cleanse my home. From negative energies. I have anointed the windows, doors, in my house, and car doors, with frankincense oil. And I smudged the rooms of my house with sage root. This protects my home, from evil entities.

Also, I like to think my home is The Ark, in the story of Noah. My home is a vessel that is protected from the weather. My family is safe inside my home.


Chapter 4:

Hollywood uses magic to create illusions. They do magic to deceive us. But we must see through the lies.

Like I said it before, we can choose what we want to see on television. We have the power to block the evil. So if you feel for any reason. If you shouldn’t see it. And to keep your family safe. Then block the evil from their, and your eye’s.

“It’s your choice. Is the price of Fame worth it? It’s all smoke and mirrors!”

The End!