Hello Everyone! Yes, this is an honest review of the Body Boss Fitness Program. You have seen multiple ads on this all over Facebook. And I decided to give it a try. Only I bought mine on Ebay for cheaper. I got it for $30.00 on Ebay. I didn’t get the new nutrition guide yet. But I’m confident that it will work. I wanted to give a review once I completed the twelve weeks. But  I got a new swimsuit today. And I could see more definition in my whole body. I really liked my picture today so I wanted to give this review now! Here are my Before/After photos.

Body Boss Before After

As you can see I did not Photoshop these pics. It is the truest body image. My body is more muscular in my abdominal. I look more defined, and my tummy is flat. Compared to my before picture. My legs look really good too! Over all I lost 24 pounds. 2 inches around my waist, and lost 2 inches on my thighs. I am now a size 16. Before I was a size 18!

A  lot of people said it takes longer than 24 minutes 3x a week. But I find that it depends on your energy. And endurance. Plus I did do the 4 weeks pre-training . And I lost 9 pounds in that time frame. Once you begin seeing the results. You will become addicted. It doesn’t really matter how much time it takes. Just go at your own pace. With correct form. And some exercises can be modified. So if something seems hard you can adjust it to what you can do. It’s also really flexible with fitting it into your busy schedule.

I hope I encouraged you. I look and feel great! Give this a try. It really does work! Enjoy! 🙂