Hello Everyone! If you are in your twenties to late thirties. You more than likely had the idea of having a baby. Having a baby is a blessing in all forms. But this topic is going to help you. About planning a pregnancy, the smart and healthiest way to have a baby. As women this is a sensitive topic. It is a big decision to make. And having any health issues you have before you become pregnant. Should be spoken to the most qualified expert doctor. In your situation. Many women have depression. And if you have to take anti-depressant. It’s important to discuss your concerns with your doctor before you become pregnant. Every woman has health issues prior to becoming pregnant. And now I will discuss what will increase your chances of having a healthy baby.

  1. Having a supportive partner/husband. If you have a good partner that supports your concerns. Talk to him about everything that concerns you. Discuss if you have fertility problems. Would they consider adoption if you can’t have a child. Have a plan with your partner. So they feel what you’re going through.
  2. Ask the best expert/doctor in your case. Wether if your medications need to change. Do not stop taking your meds if you find out if you are pregnant. You could relapse. Instead immediately call your doctor. So they can discuss your plan. And to have a healthy baby.
  3. Don’t listen to the negative comments from people who don’t have depression. You can have a healthy baby. It just needs to be monitored regularly. Many people have healthy families if they have it planned. And you have a supportive spouse.
  4. How will your parents react if you are pregnant. Are they supportive as well.
  5. Everyone has a different body. One person could have the same issue as you. And have different outcomes. So don’t compare yourself to someone else.
  6. And Congratulations in deciding of becoming a Mommy!

I hope I helped you all in your plans of becoming a parent. As it is a touchy topic. But is helpful to know. That many women are going through what you are experiencing too. Enjoy! 🙂