Beautiful: The Men’s Issue! By: Anjalee Jadav





Prologue: Letter From the Author:

Dear Reader’s,

Hello everyone! Yes I am back with another issue to my Beautiful series. And I have got an interesting way to help men. If you remember in my book titled Beautiful! I briefly described men’s fashion through history. And I created this book. To help with men’s styling. Let’s face it. Men also need help with styling. Just as much as women do. And I now will write about Men’s beauty, fashion, and styling.

Enjoy reading!


Anjalee Jadav,

Section 1:

Men’s Style History & Makeup!

Chapter 1:


Throughout history, men’s fashion and styling, went through a revolution.  It has been recorded that men wore robes, and garments, that were rich in color, and fabric. The king’s dressed in the finest fabrics. From silks to cotton. When Christopher Columbus went on his voyage. He claimed that he can reach China, and India. For the best fabrics. By sailing the sea. And land in India. When he realised he discovered another continent. By arriving in Cuba. The style men had in this era, were pants that came to their knee. They wore white tights, wigs, and wore long trench coats. When America elected the first president George Washington. He wore these garments. And was featured on the One dollar bill. If you look at the One dollar bill. You can see how men dressed. In his era.

In today’s fashion, men became lazy. When I went to school. The men wore baggy jeans that droop below their butts. They wear graphic T-shirts. T-shirts became a thing when men discovered they didn’t know how to sew on a button. So they invented T-shirts so they don’t have to button up their shirts. The only time when men in my era dressed well. Is if it is required at their job. They will wear suits and ties when they work in offices. They only wear tuxedos for prom, weddings, and business events. They have to have a reason to dress nice. Otherwise they just wear the same T-shirt everyday.

Throughout history, some men even wore makeup. When film and the big screen, were getting popular. You can see men wore makeup, for stage presence and camera shots. Elvis Presley wore makeup. Many rock icons wear makeup that shows their individuality. Like, Kiss, Greenday, Marilyn Manson, Prince, David Bowie,  and many others. So, like women, even men see the importance of having good hygiene. And will use makeup, to help with their individuality. And that is what this book is all about. I am here to help with men’s styling.

Below is a graphic timeline in how fashion went through a revolution, through time.




Here’s a picture of Prince, and demonstrates his makeup look. He created depth to his eye’s, and is very masculine.


Here’s a picture of David Bowie from the movie The Labyrinth. This look is simply art.



Here’s a picture of Greenday. Where you can clearly see Billie Joe Armstrong, wearing black eyeliner. He’s so handsome!



Elvis Presley was more of a natural look. He did use foundation, and light blush on his cheekbones. With a nude lip color.




Here is a picture of the band named Kiss. Here they are bolder with their makeup. They very much displayed makeup as an art.




Chapter 2:


Let me add that masculinity is very much the main goal. To achieve styling, and creating a look for yourself. These men explored with their individuality. They use it for the character they want to display. Like, in David Bowie’s, The Labyrinth. He was very bold, and had a sexy appeal.

Another way for men to have sex appeal. Is the way they smell. Some cologne’s have a scent that attract women. When a man smells good. It makes him even more appealing. So make sure you pick a scent that gives you sex appeal.

This Week’s Top Sellers of Cologne’s

Men also need to take care of their skin. Just like women do. They need to be hydrated. And drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Also men shave their faces. Men have facial hair. Some have mustaches, beards, and side burns. Some may even have all their facial hair shaved off.



Here’s a diagram of different ways men can wear their facial hair.


It has been approved that women prefer that men have a little facial hair. Facial hair gives a woman a sence of who they will marry. If you have some facial hair. It is considered a masculine character trait. And gives a sex appeal.


Section 2:

Hair & Nails!


Chapter 3:


What we will discuss next is men’s haircuts. I have some diagram’s showing how men can style their hair.  It’s important to choose a hairstyle that compliments a man’s face shape. So, as you see all the styles below. Pick one that will make your style balanced.





Image result for men's hairstyles diagrams




Classic Men’s Hairstyles: The Quiff & How To Style It | FashionBeans


Chapter 4:


Also a great way to achieve styling improvements. Is having well manicured hands, and feet. Yes, even men should seek manicure’s and pedicure’s. You don’t need to pick a nail color. Just having clear polish will do. I know manicure’s and pedicure’s are something women do. But men need help in this area too.


Even Snoop Dog gets manicure’s!



Chapter 5:

I hope you all benefitted from this book. And as you are reading this book. I hope it gave meaningful advice. In styling for men. I had so much fun researching this topic. And am happy with the amount of information I provided. Please read the other books in this series. Most of you are men who read my blog. So I thought you all would enjoy this issue. Here are all the books in this series:


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Thank you for reading! And have a great day! Enjoy!

The End!