Hi, Everyone! I have got a topic that is close to your heart. When we have to say goodbye to a pet. It makes us sad. Tomorrow I have to put my cat to sleep. She is 19 years old. And had a very happy home and life. I miss all my pets that I owned. I even dream about some of them. Saying goodbye for the last time to your pet makes you sad. Here are ways you can celebrate the loss of your pet.

  1. You saved their life when you adopted them. And gave them happy home. They will never forget it. They will always love you.
  2. When they get put to sleep. They fall asleep, and have a painless death.  They go peacefully, and they will not be in pain.
  3. They know you loved them.
  4. They may appear in your dreams. I dream of my past pets all the time. Their spirit still lives on.
  5. I believe all pets go to heaven. And we will see them again.
  6. You were a good owner that loved them.

This is a sad time for me. I will always remember my cat Sweetie. She saved my life, in many ways. She helped me through my most troubled times. She brought me out of my depression. She was my companion. And I will always love her. So to end this note. I will say goodbye. Sorry if I made you cry. But it’s part of the grieving process. Take Care and have a great day!