Hello Everyone! It is March 1st. And spring is approaching. I always provide the newest style trends. Overtime the season changes. I have seen a lot of patterns like stripes, and checkered print. And I have got some great ways to style this years trends. Let’s Begin!

  1. This year is full of bold patterns. Like, polka dots, stripes, checkers, and flowers. I have seen very cute dresses that have these patterns. So a nice sun dress with these prints are highly recommended.
  2. Also, a nice sun hat to go with your sundresses. Is a great accessory to combine in your style. Also a sun hat will protect your scalp from the sun. Yes, even your scalp needs to be protected when the sun gets warm.
  3. Also I know it is easy to forget sunscreen in the winter season. But as the tempts pick up. You want to get disciplined in wearing sunscreen every time you are outside. At least 30 SPF.
  4. Also a new purse will brighten your mood. I always change my purses every time the season changes. A crochet purse will be a great spring style to your wardrobe.
  5. Also try french braiding your hair. Do something new to your hair. Spring is a time to do something completely new from your ordinary style.
  6. A new pair of sunglasses, with a rose tint. Will be an added bonus.
  7. Your makeup palette is mainly pinks and coral colors. Soft colors are in this season. And is more natural looking.
  8. Also I will be adding more red to my wardrobe. To support The Heart Foundation. In wearing red I will honor the heart.


This concludes the Spring Style Guide of 2018! Enjoy 🙂

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