1.Dracula, By: Bram Stoker

Jonathan Harker visits the count, for business, at Transylvania Castle. He stays over night. As he observes this castle. He finds odd things. Like the count didn’t have a reflection. And their were three female phantoms. That seduces Jonathan. He finds two puncture wounds on his neck.

As he leaves Transylvania. He meets a girl named Mina. And he loves her. One night she was walking around. And a vampire seduced her. And they find two puncture wounds on her neck. The town is reporting mysterious death. With these wounds. And the town is convinced it’s from something evil. They go for a vampire hunt. And hunts down the count. They find his coffin, on a ship. And they kill him. By putting a wooden stake in his heart.


2.Frankenstein, By: Mary Shelley

Frankenstein is a story about science. Vincent Frankenstein is a natural scientist. He studied in college. He worked for a place that has dead bodies. One day he decides to create a creature. With the dead corpses. And he wanted to bring life to a monster. When he finally brings the monster alive. He runs out of his apartment. He meets with his professor. And he looked ill. So he was instructed to write a letter to his family. Regarding his health. When he comes back to the apartment. The monster was gone.

Vincent, later visits his family. And discovers his brother was murdered. And Justine was accused of the murder. Vincent knew she was innocent. That he knew it was the monster he created that killed his brother. By strangling him.

The monster does have a narrative section. Explaining his story. You grow to love the monster. But Vincent wanted to destroy him. The monster wanted Vincent to make a female companion to be with him. But Vincent didn’t want to have them multiply. And fear of little monsters frightened him.

This story was a lovely story. You feel sorry for the monster. Read the ending. I wont spoil it. Read it and find out.

3. The Bear and the Nightingale, By: Katherine Arden

The Bear and the Nightingale. Was a Russian fairytale. It is about this Russian family. Which happen to be royal. Pytor Vandimeravitch and Marina, have a family. The oldest is Sasha, The middle child was Olga, and the youngest was Vasilisa. Vasya for short. Which Marina dies when she gives birth to Vasya. The story sets in the winter time. And Pytor remarried, Anna Norovich. Which she wanted be nun. But was forced to marry Pytor. Anna is not nice to Vasya. And slaps her, for talking to the house spirits.

In the story everything has a spirit, or demon. Like, the house spirit, the horse spirit, and winter spirit. Vasya talks to the horse spirit. Which she brought them food. So they talk to her. And she understood them talking to her. They teach her to ride. In secret. For some reason women didn’t ride horses. They just get married, and have babies.

The story is cute Vasya had two suitors to marry. One was not attracted to Vasya. And the second. She didn’t like. She had an incident that had her take his horse. And save the priest from a demon. She was seen riding the horse. And the man rejected Vasya. Calling her a witch.

Then Anna tried to have Vasya go to a Convent. And tries to have Father Konstantine send her off. So Vasya runs into the forest. And comes across the frost demon. Which was a story that  her nurse Dunya told around the campfire. He takes care of her in the cold winter snow. He’s nice to her. And she recovers from frost bite. And later decides to go back home. So she rides a horse named Solovey, which means nightingale. He was black. And his mother was all white. They take her back. And they find Anna going crazy. And an old man with one eye. (Who was the Bear).  Pyotr returns home. And dies at the end. Vasya is crying. They should have taken her. The next book is The Girl in the Tower. To be continued:

4. The Fifth Season, By: N.K. Jemisin

The Fifth Season, was a long story about a young girl. Who gets sold into slavery. By her own family. This book shifts in time. From past to present, and narrated by looking at it from your eye’s as you read. This girl was named Damaya, and changes her name to Syenite. The book is carefully written about this girl forced to have a baby from a man named, Alabaster. She does not love him. But she convinces him to sleep with her. They have a love/hate relationship. One minute their sweet to each other. The next they are fighting. Syenite eventually has a baby named Correnduram.

Parts of the story, narrates as if it’s talking from you. Your name is Essum. And you are trying to find answers about your ex-husband murdering your son. And your daughter is missing. You travel on this island, which is the target of earthquakes. It is close to the Antarctic. As the story unravels, everyone is traveling to find answers. You are accompanied by a young boy named, Hoa. He stays with you as you travel this island. Then you encounter a woman named, Tonkee.

As I read this book. It got better the more I read it. I wasn’t really feeling it from the beginning. It also was hard to comprehend some parts. But in the end, you read that Alabaster dies. And you find your ex-husband. And that you are Syenite. In the present. You discover that it was you who killed Correnduram. And that you find that Alabaster is alive. But parts of him are stone. If you read this book. You would be surprised how it unravels. Into a love story.

5. Princess Bride, By: William Goldmen

In the Princess Bride. It starts off with a father, wanting his son to read The Princess Bride. It was his favorite story as a boy. And wanted his son to read it too.  Only to find he only read the first chapter. The boy’s father reads it to him.

It starts off with Buttercup at her family’s farm. They hire a stable boy. To work for them. And every day she would say fetch me a pail of water. And the farm boy, Westley. Would give her the water. Then they realised they were falling in love. But Westley has to leave. He promised to return home. Only to find that his ship got attacked by pirates. Buttercup vowed to never fall in love again.

So Buttercup, then is betrothed to the prince. And one day Buttercup was riding her horse. In the forest. She was kidnapped by some outcasts. Inigo, Fezzik, and Fizzini. Buttercup is saved by Westley. Only she didn’t know who he was. He was dressed as a pirate. When they finally discover that they still loved each other. And knew who they were. They tried everything to stop the wedding of Buttercup and the prince Humperdink.

The story captures sword fights, giants, and torture.  You guessed it by now. Westley and Buttercup end up together.


6. Neverending Story, By: Michael Ende

The Neverending Story, is a story inside a story. As it stars Bastian a young boy. Who is bullied. And finds his way into a book store. And comes across The Neverending story book. The bookkeeper. Told him this isn’t for you. But the boy takes it. Leaving a note that he will return the book.

Now what is interesting about the book. It has two different colored letters. Green is the story from our world. And the red letters, are from Fantastica. The city of the book. As Bastian reads this story. He is part of it. It shows Artreyu, riding Artax the white horse. While wearing the Orian necklace. It had snakes wrapped around it. It serves as a guide.

And the book becomes alive. Bastian is reading the story. And Artreyu, is the guide that takes Bastian in the story. In the middle is where Bastian has to decide on a new name for the Empress. She is sick. And can only get better. By Bastian saying her name. Then Fantastica and the empress is saved. ( The name is Moonchild). And don’t forget the Luck Dragon.

But Bastian is now a part of the book. And finds his way into the story. He is then taken to be the hero of Fantastica. Can he find his way home? Or, stay in Fantastica? Read and find out. I wont spoil it.