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The Many Benefits of Tea:


Being a big tea drinker. I decided to post on all about teas. We will discuss, the different types of teas. What they are good for. And more home remedies. That you can do by drinking tea. Here it is.

  1. Lipton Tea- Is good for waking up. It’s almost like coffee. But sweeter. You can drink it hot or cold. With milk and sugar. (I also add Aloe Vera to my iced tea. It promotes good digestion. And can prevent cancer).
  2. Green Tea- Is good for weight loss. It is known as a healthy remedy. To make your digestion track regular.
  3. Camomile Tea- Is good for sleep. If you have a hard time getting to sleep. Drink Camomile Tea. And it helps you rest peacefully. Also promotes good memory. For studying for a test. By promoting sleep. And to retain information of studies.
  4. Throat Coat Tea- Is good for calming sore throat. If you are sick and have a sore throat. Drink this tea to relieve your throat.
  5. Papaya Leaf Tea- Cleans out your system. In fact it can kill cancer cells. By cleaning your system out. When I had cancer and going through treatment. I drank Papaya Leaf Tea. And now I am cancer free.
  6. Black Tea- Is another tea that promotes sleep. Within one to two minutes, after drinking this tea.

I hope you all like this article. As it is helpful to know. That tea is good for you. And can remedy many things. Enjoy!

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