Hi, there everyone! Today’s topic is an important topic. It’s all about washing your face. The right way. Have you ever heard that your wash-cloth may be too harsh on your face. If you rub too hard. You could create irritation, and causing redness. Here is the guide to washing your face the right way. Read on for more of my tips in Beauty.

1. Of course by now you should be using a cleanser of your choice. Or, by your skin type. Use no more than a dime size each time you wash your face. If you use more, you are causing your pores to be clogged.

2. If you use cloth’s meant for your face. Will make it softer. Do not use a regular wash-cloth. Use a cloth specially made for your face. It will make your skin soothed. ( Get at Bed Bath & Beyond)

3. Be gentle on your skin. Do not rub too hard. And when you dry your skin. Pat dry. Instead of rubbing.

4. Make sure your cloth’s are clean every time you use them.

5. Make sure the water you clean your face with is lukewarm. If it’s too hot or cold. It could cause irritation.

6. When washing your makeup off. Use a makeup remover for your eye’s. Let’s face it. Eye liner is hard, to remove. So get a makeup remover for your eye’s. So you don’t rub too hard, to get it off. And does not irritate your eye area.

7. After you wash your face, put a moisturizer (for mornings). And night creme (for evenings). For your skin to look youthful.

8. Some good brands of moisturizer, and night creme’s. Korres, Miracle Skin Transformer, and Oil of Olay. These are also animal cruelty free. And are environmentally friendly.

9. Always apply your creme’s in a circular motion. On your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. And remember be gentle. Be kind to your skin. If you can, use your ring finger for your eye area. And also dab it, below your eye’s.

10. If you’re washing your facials off. Use the cloth made for your face. So you wont rub too hard. Facials are thick, and require a lot of rinsing, and drying. Make sure you remove the best you can. Occasionally I, get facial residue in my eye brows. So rinse, and repeat as necessary.

These are tips that should make your skin look, and feel better. Remember be kind to your skin. And be gentle. <3