Hello there! And I have a great topic for you. I have recently joined the Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins family.  I bought the 1 month supply. And I would like to give a review. About my experience with this product. From the first day I saw that my hair was shiny. And ever since then. Each day, I saw a good reaction of the condition my hair has been. Now it feels softer, longer, shinier, and healthier. No one is paying me to give a review. This is a true testimony.

So if you are considering trying Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins. I say go for it. Try it for 1 month, and I know you will see immediate results. Also it was fast shipping. I got it in three working days. They also taste delicious. They are like gummy bears.

Here is a most recent picture. To show you how my hair looks like.


Suger Bear Hair

As you can see, my natural black hair color is richer. And also my mom commented that my hair is getting long! So when your mom see’s a difference. You will know, that it is worth to try.

I hope I helped you out. As this is an honest review. Take Care! And have a great hair day!