It was a cold winter night. The moon was full, and the stars were bright. The snow glistened through the trees. That reflected the light. In the forest is where this story starts. The owl hoots, as it stares at the mice. In the nearby field. Looking for its prey. The wolf howl’s through the night. Looking for food, for her family. She just gave birth to two wolf cubs. One male and one female. The father wolf, is sleeping.
     As the mother wolf hunts for food. She see’s a basket. She carefully walks up slowly, and stopped. She heard something in the basket. She sits for a while before she approaches the basket. The basket was under a big tree. Under the shade. Then the mother wolf see’s that it was a baby human. The mother wolf was puzzled. Why could a baby human be left in the forest?
     The mother wolf, took the handle of the basket. And carried the basket with the baby human inside. The mother wolf goes back to her den. And takes the baby inside. The father wolf awoke. To the sound of the baby crying.
     It was agreed that the wolf family, raise the child. And when she gets older. She should go back to the town. And be adopted by a family. The wolves fed, the baby girl. And used the blanket as clothes for her. They bathed her by licking her, just like the other wolf cubs. As she giggled as it tickled her.
      The wolf family grew to love the girl. And named her Black Hair. Black Hair, knew how to talk to the wolf family. Through looking in their eye’s, and listened to them howl. Wolves don’t bark. They only howl. So Page knew the song they sang each night. Under the moon.
Chapter 1:
      Destiny, it is time we bring the human child back to the town. She needs to be with her own people. She’s old enough to walk, and the humans should take her back. Destiny, the mother wolf sadly agreed. She loved Black Hair, just as her own cub. And knew that it was best for her to go back.
    So the mother wolf, and father wolf. Walked Black Hair, to the end of the forest. They told her she must go to the town. And find other humans to take care of her. Sadly, Black Hair, knew what they were trying to do. And knew that she could not stay in the forest.
    Black Hair, slowly walks into town. She was clothed with her blanket. As she walks by, the humans were looking at her. Some laughed, that she was not in clothes. Her hair was tangled, and needed to be washed. She was tall for her age. And very thin. Some of the humans stared. Not knowing who she was, where she came from, and who her parents were?
    Then, as she walked, she tripped over a rock and fell to the ground. The villagers laughed at her. And an older woman said. Shut up all of you! She’s a young girl! She goes to help Black Hair. And lifts her up. Black Hair, stood up, and looked at the older woman. And she said walk with me. I’ll give you clothes, food, and water. So, Black Hair, walked with the older woman. To her house, and they went inside.
    The older woman, gave Black Hair a blue dress. This should fit you. You may bathe in the wash room. And wash your hair.
     Black Hair, walked to the wash room. Not knowing what to do? She said, help me. So, the older woman, drew her bath, and said sit in the tub. And wash with the soap. And there is shampoo for your hair. Take as long as you can. And be clean for supper.
    So, Black Hair sits in the tub. And soaks there. She smelled the soap. It had a pretty scent to it. She picked it up, and saw it form suds. She places it on her skin, and knew what to do.  Then she saw a bottle, with a spout. And picked it up. She examined this thing. Then some shampoo squirted in her hand. And she put it in her hair. She washed her hair. For the first time! And she liked the scent.
     Feeling better, Black Hair, finished her bath.  She put on the blue dress. And walked back to the room where the older lady sat. The lady, said. I hope you feel better. I made some soup for supper. Sit in the dining room, and eat. So Black Hair, sat down, in the chair. And ate soup. It was hot. But really good. She didn’t know what she was eating. But loved the taste it had. She had seconds.
    Do you have a name child? My name is Black Hair. What a silly name. That name will not do. I’ll call you Page. My name is Debra. Where do you come from? Do you have parents? I come from the forest. My family is a wolf pack in the forest. Debra, smirked, “good heavens child”. The wolves didn’t try to eat you! No, they took care of me.
Chapter 2:
     So, Debra adopted Page. And Page grew up, and was home schooled. Debra knew she could not go to school. Page only knew a few words. And didn’t speak for a child her age. So she was home schooled.  Debra read to her a story each night, before Page went to sleep.  She taught Page how to cook. And taught her math by, baking cookies, and bread.
      The town buzzed in gossip about the orphaned girl. That girl, is so sweet. But didn’t talk to anyone. Other than Debra. They thought she was deaf and mute at first. But then one day she howled at the moon. Like a wolf, and the town said it was unusual. She should have a tutor. Debra was clearly doing more work. Than she had to. Debra was a fool. To think the girl would ever be fit in their town.
     The children were very careful to not gossip about the girl. They thought that the grown ups bullied the orphaned girl. And were no better as kids. One little girl saw Page, sitting by herself at the edge of the forest. So she said, I want to talk to her. She needs a friend her age to talk to. So, the girl sat down next to Page. And said, Hi! But Page was quiet. She didn’t know what this girl wanted. So the other girl said again. Hi! Page said, hi back. What’s your name? Sonya said. I have two names. My name is Black Hair, but people call me Page around here. Ohh! That’s interesting. Where do you come from? I come from the forest. Who are your parents? Asked the other girl.
   My parents are a wolves. Ha, Ha! That’s funny! laughed, the girl. Page, smiled. She knew this girl wanted to be friends. So she asked back. What’s your name? My name is Sonya. That’s weird name. Said Page. We both have weird names. Said, Sonya. They laughed.
   So, a month went by. And Page was with Sonya every day. They swam, in the lake near the forest. Page missed her wolf family. But knew they were watching her. By hearing them howl at the moon. They were singing to her. So she howled back. And sang their song. Sonya, thought it was beautiful, that Page could talk to wolves. They became inseparable.
Chapter 3:
     One day at Sonya’s house. Her parents sat down to talk to her. About Page. They told her. They didn’t want her to be friends with Page. That she would be eaten by wolves.
“No! Momma! The wolves are her only family. She knows of. And they are friendly. They took care of her, when they found her.” But she talks to them like she knows what they are saying? “She sings with them. When the moon is full.”
   I don’t like it, said Sonya’s father. We are moving! Nooo! Said Sonya. We can’t move. I’m the only friend Page has got. She would be heart-broken.  This is my final word! We are moving to the city. Far from here. You are no longer, to talk to Page!
   You, can say goodbye to Page. We are leaving today. So Sonya and her family walked to Debra’s house. And asked to speak to Page. Sonya was crying. But told Page she had to move to the city. And she could no longer see, or talk to Page. Page, sadly understood. And Page gave a hug. Sonya said, Goodbye! Page said, this isn’t over yet. We will find a way to still be friends. Page refused to believe she would not see Sonya again. And knew it was not goodbye forever.
   Part 2:
Chapter 4:
   Page! Debra called. What Nona? Page replied.
Page now a teenager, and going to school. She was more friendly, and had several friends. She no longer howled at the moon. And stopped seeing the wolves. She still loved them. And that part of childhood. She couldn’t remember. She was a young adult.
And was one of the smartest in the class.
  Did you do your homework yet? I did my work in study hall. I’m all caught up on my assignments. Good. Are you ready for dinner?
Yes! What are we having? We are having chicken and dumplings stew.
Mmmm! That sounds good.
   Page washed her hands. And sits in the chair. Debra brought the stew over. And sat down with her. They ate in silence. They were enjoying the stew.
   Are you ready for graduation? Yes! I’m so excited. I got accepted to Washington State University. Good! I’m so proud of you. I have you to thank. Said Page.  You took care of me like your own. And took me in, taught me, and fed me. If it weren’t for you. I would be homeless.
   It was graduation night. And Page was getting ready for the ceremony. She put on her cap and gown. And met her friends. They gave her a ride to the school. The ceremony was on the football field. And she was instructed to go to her section. They started with the star-spangled banner. And stood with their hands on their hearts.
  The principle, walked up to the podium. And spoke to the audience. He gave his speech of acceptance. And called, Page to the front. She was valedictorian. She read her speech. And the students cheered. They screamed. Go! Page, Go!
   After Page, told her speech. They began calling all the names of the students in her class. When Page was handed her diploma. Everyone cheered!
She was no longer the orphaned girl. She was the girl, with a brain.
Chapter 5:
    Debra, was crying when Page left to go to college. But was crying tears of joy. She was so happy. She was glad she took Page as her own. And now Page was off to college.
   As soon as Page set foot on the college campus. She saw the library. It was like a sky scraper. Full of books, wanting to be read. She sat down on a bench. And saw a girl. That looked familiar. But that’s impossible. She knew no one here. So, she said Hi!
The other girl, smirked. But said hi, back. What’s your name? Asked Page.
My name is Sonya. Page drew a blank. She said. Sonya? Is that you?
It’s me Page!
   Sonya smiled, and hugged Page for a long time. They were so happy they met. Sonya dyed her hair red. She had blond hair, when Page last saw her. But her face was the same. So Sonya and Page became inseparable again. They took some of the same classes. And got caught up. They saw that the campus was nearby the forest. And they went hiking on the trails. Then Sonya asked. If she could still speak to wolves. No, Nona had me stop talking to them. Then Page missed her wolf family again.  They weren’t sure if wolves were in this forest.
   All of a sudden. They heard a wolf howl. It was watching them from a distance. Page, knew that they were in danger. That was the howl of a wolf finding its prey. Page immediately got in front of Sonya. Protecting her. The wolf pack ran together. And stood a few feet from them. They were growling. And ready to pounce.
  Then Page howled back. And the wolves were confused. That Page said. Step away from the girl! She growled back. And knew the language of wolves again. She realized she didn’t forget how to speak to wolves. Then they were tamed. And licked Page.
   You saved me! Sonya said. Sonya hugged Page. You are such a good friend. They walked back to the college. And heard the wolves howling, singing the song of wolves.

Chapter 6:

   Page and Sonya, were the best of friends. And they did everything together.  Even Sonya’s parents realized. That they were inseparable. And saw that Page grew up. That she was smart. And they heard that Page saved Sonya’s life. From a pack of wolves. They realised they were wrong about Page. And they invited her over for the summer.
   There was no forest in the city. So Page saw all the hot spots of the city. And saw a Broadway show. She loved it! And after college. Page moved to the city. And got an apartment with Sonya. They lived Happily Ever After!