Hello! This is my first Travel & Destinations article on this site. And one of the first destinations is Rocky Point Mexico. I have many fond memories of food, tequila, and Margaritas. As well as beautiful beaches.

Here are a few pictures of my last trip there.

Mexico Trip

These pictures are beautiful. I love the beach, and love good food and Margaritas.  In Rocky Point you can also shop at their tourist shops. And buy some souvenirs. The only thing is. Don’t drink their water. You will get sick. So bring your own water.

But overall, I had so much fun in Rocky Point. That I visited many times. I hope you have a great experience if you ever visit Rocky Point Mexico. Also this is my first place I visited outside of the United States. So it was my first travel destination.

Welcome to my new section. I plan to travel more in 2018. So I’m excited to share my experiences across the world. Thank you, for reading and have a great day!