Wow! It’s been a whole year already! So far my 2018, is turning out really well for me. The reason is my writing career is starting to really pay off. Yes I said that right. I am currently applying to companies that need writers. I can now make a living as a writer. And I have to thank all of my readers, who took the time to give me such lovely reviews.

So my New Year’s Resolution is. Live my dreams, and pursue writing as a career path. Doing what I love to do, and have a job that I love. Doing this blog has opened doors for me. And I know some of my readers are bloggers like me. I have to say. Don’t give up your dreams to become a writer. If people laugh at you and say. “You are not good enough”. They are wrong. You have to give yourself time and you can accomplish many things. Don’t give up! Live your dreams.

I also want to manage my money better. I plan to pay my credit cards off. And be debt free. Then hope fully by the end of 2018. I will be able to do more traveling. My dream destinations to travel are. India, Paris, Italy, England, Ireland, and Hawaii.

I will still keep this blog site up. So be prepared for a new section on Traveling & Destinations.

It’s going to be an exciting year. I’m ready start! Happy New Year!