It’s December 2nd. And you should know by now. That as the season changes. I always provide a style guide. To spot what is trending, the best ways to shop, and to look your best on the holiday’s. Let’s begin.

  1. This year I’ve been complimented on my black dresses. So I would like to say. “You can never be over dressed. Or under dressed with a little black dress.” So my color this year is black. It’s slimming to your figure. And it can be very festive. If you pair it with a red scarf, as an accessory. Or, pair it with a diamond necklace. And studded earrings.
  2. It’s boot weather out there. And I still say to this day. Don’t buy boots online. Try them in stores. Because it will save you the hassle in returning your boots. And the post office line is super long. And you could be waiting for hours. So it’s best to go to the store. Before buying them.
  3. Also it’s coat season. So my favorite places to shop for winter coats. Is, Burlington, or JC Penney’s. These places supply top quality coats. And I get so many coupons from these stores. I always get the best deals.
  4. Now is a time to think about hair. Because you’re going to be taking pictures for your holiday events. So your hair should be styled and trimmed.
  5. Now is also a time to get a manicure and pedicure for your nails and feet. Get a festive color and theme. And you will look stylish.
  6. Also your makeup can be bold at this time. Try a gold or silver eye shadow, and a red lip. And you will look festive.

Here’s a pic of me in one of my favorite Little Black Dresses. Paired with a diamond necklace. This look is a festive look. And great for holiday parties.

Black lace dress

I hope I helped you in styling for this year. Have a Happy Holiday Season. Until next time! <3