1. Lady Midnight, By: Cassandra Clare: Discussion

Emma Carstairs is the one of the main characters. She is seeking revenge whoever killed her parents when she was a little girl. She is at a boarding school for Shadowhunters. Which are people that have angel in them. The other characters are her friends. Christina Esqueres is her best friend. And Julian Blackthorne is her Parabatai. Which are two people joined by a powerful spell. To fight demons. They love each other throughout the whole story. But are forbidden to form a love relationship. Because it is not allowed. It breaks the law of shadowhunters. And when they do eventually have sex. Emma convinces Mark Blackthorne. To be her boyfriend. To protect Julian. Mark Blackthorne is Julians brother. His other family members are Dru, Livvi, and Tyberius.  Julian is there brother but is more like a father to them. So the story moves along. And Diana the head of the school. And Aaron Blackthorne, her partner and head of the school.

The story moves along. And they discover that Maverick the warlock and their trusted friend was the one who killed Emmas parents. But by accident. He was trying to bring his former lover back from the dead. Which the story ends them killing the warlock. And Anna Blackthorne awakens as Lady Midnight, and the story continues to the next book. Lord of Shadows.

Lord of Shadows, By: Cassandera Clare: Discussion

To continue the story from Lady Midnight. Every one is out to try to find Anna. Because they saw her alive and killed Maverick the second time. Because he came back for the Black Volume. Which is a dangerous book. About bringing people back from the dead. Which Anna reveals this book is dangerous. And tells Emma and Julian not to take it from her. Because it is dangerous. She reveals she was half alive, blind, deft, and mute. But her brain was alive for many years before Maverick could bring her fully alive.

The Fairies Queen and King of the Seelie court. Want the Black Volume and threatens to kill the Blackthornes, in order to retrieve it.  So the story unravels many adventures. And Emma and Julian end up back together. Emma breaks up with Mark. Which it was a pretend facade. Emma and Julian try to find a way that they can be together. But it requires them not to be Parabatai anymore. And will be like death to Emma. In the end the Fairies, and Shadowhunters all break into a battle. And Livvi dies. Ending the second book of the series.  To be continued:

2. A Dog’s Journey, By: Bruce Cameron: Discussion

This story is about a dog that gets reincarnated. His former name was Buddy. And meets a little baby girl, named Clarity. Which everyone calls her CJ. The story continues when Buddy gets reincarnated to a dog name Molly. Which now he becomes female. He finds CJ again at the pound. And runs right to CJ and they begged her to take Molly. That Molly is her dog meant to be. CJ’s mom is a really mean person. She hates dog’s. And CJ hides Molly. Only to have later in the story. Molly exposed herself by licking CJ’s mom’s leg. She screams! And as CJ and her mom fight throughout the whole story. CJ is also battling an eating disorder. And Molly gets put to sleep, CJ’s mom claimed that Molly was a threat. And was put to sleep. Then Molly, becomes Max. And sure enough CJ and Max were reunited. Just in a different body. CJ marries her best friend. and recovers from her eating disorder. In the end Max dies. And reincarnates to Lucy. And this time we meet CJ in her older years. She’s now an elderly lady. And meets Lucy at an old folks home. She dies there and goes to heaven and seeing her dog again.

3. The Labyrinth, By: Jim Henson

This book is like another edition to the script, to the movie The Labyrinth. It is about a girl named Sara. She is the main character. And she ends up at home babysitting her baby step brother. She calls on the goblin king to take her brother Toby. The goblins take her brother after she finally said “I Wish”. Then she meets the Goblin King. And he has her go through the maze of his kingdom. By midnight if she does not make it to the middle castle. The Goblin King would turn Toby into a Goblin. So she is on a quest to reach the middle to where the castle is. We meet the other characters Hoggle, which is her guide, the caterpillar, and Bruno, the beast. She eventually does make it to the castle. And in the book it had the song “Within You” from David Bowie ( The actor that plays the Goblin King).  “She says You have no power over me”. Which sends her back home with her brother.

4. Inventing Joy, By: Joy Mangano

Joy Mangano is a real person. Here she opens the story to you as a friend. It is a story of her life. And creating Joy in pursuing your passions. She invented the Miracle Mop. And was viewed on QVC. Here she tells the story in how this mop is the only mop you need. And will make your life easier. She ends up selling mops nationwide. She later invents the Huggable Hanger. To organise closet space. And not to have your clothes fall off the hanger. By creating a hanger with a velvet like fabric. It was a cute story. The main goal of the story was keep pursuing your passion even when others try to bring you down. Saying you are not good enough, or no. Don’t let anyone discourage your ideas. Keep joy in your lives. And you will reach success.

5. Winona Ryder: The Biography, By: Nigel Goodall

This is a brilliant book. Knowing that Winona did not endorse it. And her publicist turned him down. So he never interviewed Winona for this book. But he uses such a brilliant display into her life. You would think he was talking to her. He mainly got his information from her interviews in magazines. And from word of mouth in who has worked with her.

Winona grew up in a very bad neighborhood in San Francisco. She always wanted to be an actress. Not for the money. Just that she wanted to be an actress. She was always the outcast, or misfit. She was beaten up by some boys. Mistaking her as a boy. They called her Faggot! She gets suspended. And then goes into an acting school for young actors called  A.C.T.

She later says. After she filmed Beetlejuice. These boys girlfriends wanted an autograph. She says do you remember that boy you beat up in grade school. They said yeah! That Faggot! Then she said that was me! No, I will not give you and autograph.

The story tells of her acting roles. And her relationship with Christian Slater. From the movie Heathers. They dated 2 weeks. Then she worked with Johnny Depp, in Edward Scissorhands. As the leading lady of the film. They actually were a couple in real life. They were engaged. Only to be broken off because they had drifted apart. And their acting jobs conflicted with eachothers schedules. Causing them to spend a lot of time apart.

She battles insonmnia. She does not do drugs. And the only times she smoked was for a part in a movie role.  Otherwise she is a very adorable person. The story ends she received her Masters Degree in Acting.