If you are meeting your guy’s parents for the first time on Thanksgiving. You may enjoy this read.

Anjalee Jadav

So you are dating this great guy. And he asks you to meet his parents and family. But you don’t know what to expect. You want to leave a good impression on them.  And the last thing you want is to have them think you’re just like any other girl he brings home. You want to seem special and different from the rest. Here’s your guide to Meeting His Parents.

1. First let’s discuss wardrobe. If you want to impress them. Maybe a floral dress, with wedged heeled shoes would be appropriate. This is something not too revealing, but also classy.

2. Your hair can be pulled up into a comb burette, into a half pony tail. If your hair is up, and clean. It will make you seem like you took the effort to make an impression.

3. Buy a gift. Perhaps flowers, gift basket, or even wine. (But…

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