Hello Everyone! Todays topic is about love and relationships in your thirties.   It will be a funny real look on what it’s like to date when  you get older. So lets begin.

Thirties is a time where all your girlfriends are either married. Or have moved away. So if your single it is difficult to hang with your friends that you grew up with. Because Thirties is a time. When married women are too busy to be with you. Especially if they have kids.

As for men you always have to ask their name, age, and check if their married or not. If they are married it is a red flag. And you should avoid him at all costs. Unless if he shows you divorce papers that indicate his marriage is over legally.

Once you get passed his availability. Ask him if he works, or if he’s in college.  A good man will always provide his success in his career.

A good man will not expect sex on the first date. They will wait if they really care. But now a days men only want one thing. And if you don’t put out they dump you. I like to take my time before I get physical with someone. If he respects that you want to wait he will be a man.

It’s always good to be cautious when you first meet a man. Why, because there are STD’s out there. And if you feel pressure into having sex. And he dumps you for not putting out. You just saved yourself from having an STD passed onto you.

You still have to protect yourself with birth control and condoms. If you are not committed you need to protect yourself.

If he’s too scared to meet your mom. Then he’s a coward. Why are guys afraid to meet my parents? I am a daughter to a really nice family. They would be honored if guys would meet them. If they are man enough then there should not be a problem in meeting my family. They would score points if they really want to get anywhere with me.

Well, I hope I gave good advice. And this concludes my latest dating article. Take Care!