Hello Everyone! I’m back with a major issue in the fashion industry. Animals suffer for their fur and skin. And is now getting into a huge mess. You may feel faux fur is better. But how can you tell if what you are buying is real or genuine fur. And some retailers are calling their products faux. But really they may be covering up a lie. Some faux furs are being labeled as faux. But you could still be wearing racoon dogs.

Yes, leather and fur is a fashion trend many people love. I do love leather. But it does not make me a bad person. When I was shown what animals really go through. Just for their fur or skin. I feel sad. So I try now to use Faux leather. Faux leather is known as fabric. But just be sure that the piece you are wanting to buy is really Faux.

Some people don’t care and still buy Genuine fur. And it’s considered fashionable.  I do love my boots and jackets. It’s a love hate type of thing.  However animals need love in their lives. That’s why it’s important to have a voice. That stands up against animal cruelty.

How do you feel about this topic? I know this was a risky post. But it is an issue in the fashion industry. That makes you question. Is it worth it? Please comment below. Would love to hear your thoughts about this topic. 🙂