My life is now brighter, happier, and now I’m in a better place. It’s never good to go thru cancer. But if you ever have any kind of cancer. It is those true family and friends. That stick to your side that makes you see a new light. The worst is behind me. And my life has now taken a new turn. I fought Thyroid cancer. And it was immediately changed to a whole new outlook in life. I was brave to go through surgery. And I had two treatments of Nuclear medicine. And now my life is new again. I was told the cancer is gone. And that I am a cancer survivor. I will always look back at this day. As one of my best days of my life. Now I plan to take a new road. Full of adventure and new opportunities. Jesus is very real. I was anointed when I first found out I had cancer. And he healed me. I am truly grateful! <3 I was never alone going through this experience. And I will always appreciate those dear to me. And I also thank my readers who read my articles and stories. You all mean so much to me. My writing will now be even more entertaining. And I will continue writing. So thank you all! God bless you! <3