Hello! I’m back with another style guide update. It is September 1st. And I always have to keep you all up to date with the new fashion trends of this year. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It’s so pretty seeing trees change to a golden color. Also pumpkin season here.  And I have seen some really nice changes in fashion already. So let’s begin!

  1. I am seeing a lot of navy blues in clothing. It’s a trendy color,  not quite black. But is alluring to the eye’s. It’s flattering to your figure. And it’s professional looking at work. It’s like the saying “blue is the new black”.
  2. I also see more floral in gold and orange colors.
  3. I am actually liking pants, with patterns and designs. They are leisure design, are comfortable, and they are very pretty. They are also, in soft fabrics that have flow style. Pair it with a solid black or navy tee-shirt. And this look is well put together.
  4. Also it’s the beginning of boot season. So polish up the boots you have. I don’t buy boots online. They never fit. So, this is one item I will try on in stores before I buy them. Why because boots are not made like they were 10 years ago. It seems they go by the same pattern and sizing for all. And I have trouble with getting the right fit to my legs shape.  So it’s wise to say I’d rather go to a store to try them. That way you get the right fit. Without having to return them.
  5. Also now is the time to go through your closet and donate clothes to charities. I have seen a lot of support Hurricane Harvey, is having, in Texas and Louisiana. And I’m sure there are other local charities that will take old clothes.
  6. Just think if you give away your old unworn clothes. You will create more room for newer things. Psst… It’s going to be Christmas soon. 😉 !
  7. As the temperatures begin to drop and gets cooler outside. It’s okay to use scarves in accessorizing your look. It makes your outfits complete.
  8. Also jackets and coats are going to come in many different designs. http://www.jessicalondon.com is a great store to buy a high quality coat. It’s my favorite store to buy coats. The next store to look for jackets is Burlington Coat Factory. These two stores have the best styles.

Well there you have it. My style guide for Fall 2017! Enjoy! 😉