Hello Everyone! Coffee has been a beverage many people drink. To wake up in the morning. Some people think it’s bad, while a vast majority can’t go a day without it. So I have got the guess-work out of this issue. Here’s what I have found. Read on!

  1. Did you know coffee actually comes from a cherry berry from the coffea plant? The beans are inside the berry and is picked out. They are then taken to be made into a coffee blend. The plant is grown in Africa, parts of Asia, and Mexico. The plant is grown in 70% temperatures. And lives up to 100 years. It’s most beneficial age is 20-24 years.
  2. Coffee should not be drunk by pregnant women, or women who are nursing. Because of the caffeine found in coffee. They can have non caffeinated as a substitute.
  3. Myth Does coffee stunt kids growth? There has been no evidence that coffee stunts growth in kids.
  4. Myth Is coffee bad for your heart? In a study coffee drinkers that drank coffee everyday had less likely to have a stroke or heart attack. Comparing to people who don’t drink it.
  5. Coffee also decreases the risk of diabetes with people who drink coffee everyday.
  6. The only case that I found that coffee may be bad. Is not to drink too much.  Drink moderately. Remember too much of a good thing is not good. So be careful. Don’t make your coffee an addiction.
  7. Also if you use sugars and creams to add to your cup of coffee. Don’t add too much. Unless, if you use Stevia as your sugar source. Stevia is a natural sweetener. And is better for you than sugar, and sugar substitutes.

So the next time you drink a cup of coffee. You will drink it without guilt. Hope you liked this article. Take care and have a great day! 😉