Hello Everyone! Today’s topic is about finding the right masseuse for you. I know that your needs for a perfect massage is important. Sometimes messages can hurt. If your with a masseuse that has her bones digging into your back. You want a masseuse that makes you feel relaxed. With minimal pain. So here are my tips in finding a masseuse that you love.

  1. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable to take off your clothes. For someone to give you a massage. Not all places require you to take off your clothes. Thai Massage is a spa that massages you with clothes on. So if you feel this is better for you. You still get a great experience. They are professional and take their time

2. If you are not shy. And don’t mind taking your clothes off. Mostly you just take your shirt and bra off. But leave underwear on. And if they use oils on your back it makes you really relaxed. The smell is soothing, and releases tension.

3. Like I said if you hurt during any part of the massage. Tell them right away. They should ease up. Or they may say that area is tense. If you are in real pain you do not have to go back. It’s really a trial and error. Finding someone who can make you feel wonderful.

4. My favorite area to massage are my arms and hands. It really makes me feel relaxed. And I like the way it makes me feel.  Everyone has their favorite areas.

5. If you let your friend, who is a  masseuse massage you. You can critique her/him. She/He will really feel appreciative in your compliments. And will hopefully get better the more she/he does it. It counts as his/her training.

6. Stress can get the better of us. We all need that escape from reality. And just relax and ease tension. A massage will get the kinks out, and make you feel light as a cloud.

I hope I helped you all. And look forward to your well-being. So take care and have a great day! 😉