Hello everyone! I’ve got another beauty tip in finding your signature perfume scent. We all want to smell nice. Especially when we step out of the shower. And you smell clean.  We will discuss lotion, shampoo, perfume, deodorant, and tooth paste.  So here are my tips in smelling delicious.

  1. Soap and body wash is a preference we all seem to have. Some girls like soap bars, and others go for a body wash. I personally enjoy body washes. My go to scent is anything cucumber melon. It’s my signature scents. And makes me smell clean and people ask me all the time what it is. Well now you know my secret scent.  Shh! it’s our secret.
  2. Lotion is also a way to nourish your skin and moisturizes dry and flaky skin. I apply lotion 3-4 times weekly.  It’s good to keep your skin nourished and healthy. Everyone has their lotion preferences. Stick to what makes you feel good, and have soft and silky skin.
  3. Shampoo is another way to smell nice. The smell of your hair can get men’s attention. They love smelling women’s hair. So go for flowery scents. Like Herbal Essence.
  4. Perfume is also a preference to many women. And some scents can get men sexually aroused. So wear your scent on your date nights.  But stick to floral scents around other women.  Also pick something other people compliment you on.
  5. My favorite deodorant is Dove.  I love it!
  6. Also your toothpaste is important. You want your breath to be fresh all day. I actually like Costco’s toothpaste Kirkland brand. It works better than Colgate. It removes plaque, whitens, and cleans.  It’s my favorite toothpaste.

Well there you have my secret signature scent products. And yes people ask me all the time. What is that smell? Now you know. 😉 !