Hello everyone! I’m back with more styling tips. So you landed the job of your dreams. Now you need to shop for new job clothes. It’s an exciting feeling landing your perfect job. And I have some styling tips in what should be in your wardrobe. More than likely your new job needs an upgrade. It lifts your spirits shopping for clothes. That have a purpose. So read on!

  1. Every job that you start requires a dress code.  It depends on the type of job it is. If it’s a food or restaurant facility. Black pants are a staple. Some places have other color options. But they will all agree on a simple pant. So get more than one color, and in a variety of material. Where to shop for a great pair of work pants  is JC Penney, Sears, and Macy’s.
  2. If you are working for an office job. My go to is http://www.jessicalondon.com. They have business suits and dresses. That are age appropriate for young adults and up.
  3.  A button down collared blouse, is also a style staple for most jobs. It gives a modest but classy impression. Buy in white, and add other colors when necessary. Pair them with the clothes you are picking out. And design an outfit or two.
  4. Also you want to pick out a comfortable shoe you are going to wear at your job. Think of comfortable low heels or flats. Also don’t wear a super high heel. Because as you move around all day at your job. It will hurt your feet.
  5. And for your makeup, please read my Beauty & Style for Job Interviews article. It will be similar to this topic. Again natural makeup is key. So use sparingly, and classy. And don’t over do it, remember less is more.
  6. Also get in the habit of putting your hair up. Most jobs require  your hair to be pulled back from your face. So learn the different types of up do’s. Like braids, pony tails, and buns.
  7. A nice cardigan sweater for when the office is cold. Most places keep the air condition cold. And you may need a sweater to keep you warm.

Well that’s all I’ve got to say on this topic. Hope you enjoyed it. And good luck at your new job. 🙂