Hello to all! Job interviews are 80% on looks, and 20% on your intellect. So I have come across this topic. Since everyone will have to go to a job interview at least once in their lives.  First we need to know what type of job are you applying to? Because this will create a creative way to style yourself. So here are my tips on Beauty and Style, for job interviews.

  1. If you are applying to a restaurant or food establishment. You would go well in black pants and button down collared blouse. Remember to shower, shave, wash hair, and groom your nails. You have to be clean. Especially around food.
  2. Wear a light scented perfume. Or, even wear un-scented would be wise. Because when working with food. People don’t want a strong aroma around their food.
  3. Again going natural on makeup is key etiquette.  Use colors such as tan, pink, or brown eye shadow. With basic eyeliner and mascara. Don’t do a smokey eye, if you are applying to an office job. Why, because it’s more bold. And offices want a more classic style. And with your eyeliner just apply it, so it enhances your eye’s shape.
  4. If you are applying for an office job. You can wear a knee-length pencil dress or skirt. http://www.Jessicalondon.com is a store I found that has a wide variety of professional business suits and dresses. And is age appropriate for ages 25 and up!
  5. Also for the lips apply a gloss or pinkish color just a shade darker than your natural lip color.
  6. Also black shoes with a low heel is preferred doing an interview. You want your feet to be comfortable yet classy.

Well, I had fun writing this topic. And hope you all love it. I have to step away for a while. So Peace! 🙂