Hi, Everyone! I’m back with another topic we all face from time to time. Is public affection with your man inappropriate? When is it okay to show affection in the public? How do you feel when you see a couple have public affection in front of everyone?

Whenever I see a couple holding hands at the mall. It’s innocent and I am happy for the couple.  The thing that gets me is when they are groping each other. And totally kissing with tongues out in the open. Also I had one time when my boyfriend at the time. Was grabbing me and tried to have sex with me in the movie theater. I was so embarrassed. And kept smacking his hand to stop. It was like his hands were all over my body.  This was a time where I was feeling exposed to dating and having public displays in public.

Another time when it was awkward is my friend and her boyfriend were totally making out in the line at a local fair. I was single at the time. And I felt out-of-place when I was with them. They rubbed it in my face that I was single. And they were a couple. I no longer see these friends and they are not together now either.

So, When is it okay to display public affection? My guess is a wedding, anniversary, or, Birthday. It’s good to show affection when there will be couples, and on a special occasion. When is it inappropriate?  When you are around people who are single and are kids. Kids see everything. Not to mention it’s rude.

So, next time you are with your man. Talk to him about your feelings on public affection. I don’t want to show my intimate moments in the open.  Discuss what is and isn’t okay when your with him. If he is a man. He will respect your feelings. If not, then he is immature to even care.  So if he can’t understand your feelings. Then kick him to the curb.

I hope I helped you. Take Care! And have a great day.