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Second Chances:


Hi! Everyone! Today’s topic is about second chances. I have recently had my surgery. I had my thyroid removed. Due to Thyroid cancer. The good news is. I have been given a second chance. And I now have a new road ahead of me. I survived my surgery. And the cancer is gone. I am now resting at home. When I have been given a second chance. I get to start all over.  So this means I get to live my life in a new light. The book of life has been wiped clean. And I get to start all over. Everything I do now is now more precious. The things I took for granted. Are now appreciated more.

Everything I eat, drink, and exercise with is now more important. And now I get to appreciate life more. I became a non smoker. That part of me is gone. And I will not go back. And with all the prayers and love from everyone is what saved my life.  I am so grateful that I have been given a second chance. And do things differently. So to end this note. God Bless You!

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