Yes! I have reached my 100th post on this blog page. And the topic for today is, pursuing your passion and doing what you dream of. I have recently developed my desire to write around the age of eighteen. I just had to go through college, and experience life challenges along the way. I always had a passion for writing. The more life experience you have the better writer you are. It really makes a difference if the author has common qualities in what they write about. I always had an imagination and always had the ability to make up stories. A lot of my teachers admired my writing skills. I did excel in writing, during school.

Doing what you dream of really becomes a success when you never give up. If someone brings you down. They are wrong to make you feel this way. J.K Roweling author of Harry Potter, was told she will never be good at writing. And now she is a multimillionaire. So, if you ever gave a thought as to how to get into writing. Is take as many classes as you can. After you graduate high school. You’re life is just beginning. When you turned eighteen. You had a passion burning inside you. You just have to channel your skills. And do your best.  With time and experience you will become successful.

If you ever considered writing I highly suggest that you research. And find your footing in your style of writing.  Are you a fiction writer, or are you writing your own biography. What ever you write about make it engaging. Make it be able to pull your audience in. And to never let them put the book down. Also, be careful of publishing scams. I had my books published on Here they give you software in how to make your book. And they have you price your book, and puts your books on Amazon. For a very reasonable price. Never go for a company that asks you to pay over $1,000.00. That is a rip off. And not to mention you don’t get a fair share of payment if your book sells.  I did my research before hand. And saved myself from blowing my money I didn’t have.

So, I hope I got you motivated about pursuing your passion. And following your dreams as a writer. This is my 100th post on this blog page. I hope it was worth it. I feel worthy of my fan base. And thank you all. For taking the time to comment my work.  Take Care! <3