Hello! I’m back with another Beauty tip about mother’s introducing makeup to their daughters. Every family is different. Some mother’s don’t let their daughters to wear makeup until their late teenager years. While some mother’s allow some makeup like lip gloss, and perfume in their younger years. With me it depends on how the makeup is applied that makes the difference.   If you have a daughter it is a topic that you will have to have with your daughter. Because in her youth she is exposed to the media. And it’s a harsh reality to face the real world. When they go to school. With their peers. They want to fit in with the crowd.  And makeup is a topic we see all over. I encourage you to have your daughters read my blog page and read my books and articles. They will have a better way of creating a beautiful person. And explore with their identity. So Read on!

  1. Please read my book Beautiful! By: Anjalee Jadav. You will gain knowledge in creating a person people want to get to know.
  2. There is a time and place to go natural or bold. Makeup is a tool for professional etiquette. At work or school it is wise to go natural. While parties, concerts, and Holiday’s, are good to be bold.
  3. Remember less is more. Don’t over do it. Many times when we are young. We over do it on the foundation. Just apply it evenly and just one layer should do the trick.
  4. Use foundation that goes with your skin type. Read my book Beautiful! in how to find the right foundation for your skin type.
  5. Do not wear your makeup for a boy. Instead apply it how you usually wear it. Like, you’re not wearing any at all.
  6. It’s okay to be you. You are special and have your own Beauty. We all have our own unique personalities. And when you show this in your makeup it will make you stand out more from the others.
  7. Your best makeup is your smile. If you smile more it will attract more people to approach you. And people who are positive influences.

I hope you all liked this topic. As it is an important issue every woman faces.  I hope you learned from my tips. Enjoy! 🙂