Hi! Everyone! Are we here again?  Spring is approaching. And I will keep you updated on what is trending this Spring. Spring is a time, where we go for soft colors. Like pink, green, and orange. Also floral in spring colors are popular this time of year. It’s the beginning of swimsuit season. So here are the tips for this year, for Spring.

  1. Spring colors this season are soft colors. Such as pink, green, and orange. Wether you go pastel or neon. Is a choice to each person. If you can find a sundress that compliments your complexion, is always chic.
  2. Floral are also in this season. And many patterns with butterfly’s and daisy’s are a good style pattern to look for.
  3. As for makeup, now is a time to be natural. Like pinks, tans, and grey eye shadows. And lip glosses that make your lips kissable.
  4. Accessories are great to incorporate your style. Like a sun hat, sun glasses, and a purse that has a light color texture.
  5. Also now is a great time to go swimsuit shopping. http://www.swimsuitsforall.com is a store I recommend for all body types. And has sizes available for all body types.
  6. Also don’t forget to wear sun screen. As the sun gets warmer. Or, use makeup that has SPF in it. It’s important to keep your skin protected. When you are going to be outside for long hours.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my style advice. Thank you for reading my posts. I really appreciate it. Until next time! <3