Workout clothes are now getting a huge makeover. I remember workout clothes were sweatpants and mans tee shirts. But over the years, workout clothes have become more in style. And many stores now have cute and affordable options.

  1. Victoria Secret is one of the first stores to have a section for sports bras. So the first store to shop is here. They have many affordable deals and they are top stylish. They have a wide selection and matching sets.
  2. I have to admit that Wal-Mart is my second choice. I love it when you get more for what you pay for. I have gotten 2 pants and 3 shirts for under $80.00. I love a good bargain. And they have cute selections. And if you are on the plus size scale. You can find many outfits there.
  3. Fabletics is one of my favorite stores. I got a cute pair of leggings and matching tee shirt for $29.95!  They have sizes for all body types. They provide a sizing chart with all available sizes. From petite, medium, large, extra large, 1X, and up!

These three stores are my favorite stores. To buy workout clothes. As there are so many stores competing. For the best brand. But I go for comfort, fit, and style. Take Care! And happy shopping!