Valentine’s Day is just two days away. And every year around this time. I get a little blue. I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day with anyone.  And when I see other girls getting flowers from their boyfriends. I get lonely. I’ve had boyfriends. But not during Valentine’s Day. I’m sure many of you can relate. It’s the Valentine’s Day curse.  I had an ex fiance that hated Valentine’s Day. So I never got any gifts or cards. Which sucked.

I know you are saying it’s just a day. And it’s so commercial. You should be loved everyday. Why do we need a day to tell someone you love them? When you should tell someone you love them everyday. But when it is Valentine’s day and you get nothing. You feel left out.

So, to make this year better. I always find other ways to celebrate this day. I’ve had Single’s Day, Angel Appreciation Day, And Friends Day. So, this year I’m going to make it Father Daughter Day . I’m going to make a date with my dad. The one man who has loved me forever.

So those of you who are single on Valentine’s Day. Count your blessings. You may just find other ways to celebrate this day. Don’t let this day get you down. Turn it around in your favor. You are more worth it, and maybe you are just hard to love. Because guys see you as forbidden fruit.