1. Rapunzel- By: Paul O. Zelinsky

The story starts with two married couple. They discover that they were having a child. While they shared a garden with a sorceress. And the woman said that she had to eat Rapunzel ( a plant). Or, she will die. So her husband took it from the garden. And the wife prepared it, and ate it. The next day she wanted more. And said she would die. If she couldn’t eat Rapunzel. As her husband was getting more. The sorceress, stopped him. And said. That she will take their baby when she was born. So, Rapunzel was born. And the sorceress took her to a tower in the woods. Where Rapunzel grew.

Then, as only the sorceress would enter by climbing Rapunzel’s hair through the top window. So, one day. A man heard Rapunzel singing. He fell in love with the voice. And the sorceress climb through the window with her hair. So when the sorceress was out. The man, asked Rapunzel let down your hair. Then he climbed up through the window. Rapunzel saw that he was handsome. And he proposed to her. So every time the sorceress was out. They met in the tower.

Then one day she told the woman. That her dress was tight. ( Indicating, that she was pregnant). Then, the sorceress. Cut her hair. And casted her out. Then the man, called up to Rapunzel. Only to find the sorceress. She made him fall to the ground. Blinding him.

So, Rapunzel had twins. And lived in a shack. And the man looked and heard her singing. They were reunited. He regained his sight. And they moved to the village where they lived Happily Ever After.

2. Cinderella Illustrated by: K.Y Craft.

Cinderella’s father remarried her step mother. And died shortly after the wedding. Her step mother, and sisters were very mean. They had her sleep in the attic. And made her do all their chores. They named her Cinderella.

One day Cinderella was in the woods. And found an injured bird. She went to help the bird. And saw her wing was broken. Just then the Prince rode up on his horse. And saw she was kind. But she ran to her home. Embarrassed by her rags.

One day, the step sisters, and their mother were invited to the Ball in the Prince’s palace. They laughed at Cinderella. They said no Cinder girl belonged at the ball. So they left.

And Cinderella cried. And saw the bird she nursed. And then it turned into a fairy. And the fairy turned the pumpkin into a coach. The mice into horses. And transformed Cinderella’s dress into a ball gown.

Cinderella went to the ball. She goes to the ball twice. And came back at midnight. Leaving only her glass slipper on the palace steps.

The Prince, searched the kingdom. For all the maiden’s, were to try on the slipper. And would marry the girl it belonged to.  No one could fit the shoe. Then the Prince approached Cinderella’s house. The step sisters forcefully tried the shoe. But did not fit. Then Cinderella asked if she could try on  the slipper. They laughed. But then, the slipper fit. And the Prince saw that she was the girl who nursed the bird in the forest. And they were wedded. And the sisters apologized to Cinderella. And they lived Happily Ever After.

3. Snow White: Illustrated by: Charles Santore. A tale from the Brothers Grimm.

The story starts with Snow White’s mother longing for a girl. Born with skin white as snow, lips and cheeks as red as blood, and hair black as ebony. Her, mother dies, And her father remarried her wicked step mother. As Snow White grew. The Queen asked the magic mirror who is the fairest of them all. The mirror said Yes, you are fair indeed. But Snow White is fairer than you.

So, the Wicked Queen sent the huntsmen to kill Snow White. But Snow White begged him. And said she would run away and never return.  So he spared her life.

Snow White ran through the woods. And came across a cabin in the woods. She went inside and ate and slept inside. Then the seven dwarfs came home and saw that someone was there. Snow White woke up. And told the seven old men. That the Wicked Queen wanted to kill her. So she ran and hid. They agreed to have her stay. If she would cook and clean for them.

So, the Queen asked the magic mirror. Who is the fairest one of all. The mirror said. Yes, you are fair indeed. But Snow White is still fairer than you  The queen saw that she had been tricked.

The Wicked Queen took three trips to the cabin. Tricked Snow White. She was warned to not let anyone in the house. For the Wicked Queen will deceive her. So the Queen used a corset and tightly strung the strings. And Snow White died. The Dwarf’s loosened the strings. And she breathed and was alive.  The second, time the Wicked woman combed Snow White’s hair. And Snow White fell dead. Then, the Seven Dwarf’s removed the comb. and Snow White breathed again.  Then the last time, The Queen tricked her by taking a bite out of half of the apple. So the Queen tricked Snow White. And she fell dead.

The Dwarf’s found Snow White. And put her in a glass coffin. Where they watched for year’s Then a Prince rode up. He asked them to open the casket. And the apple fell out of her mouth. And she woke up.

Then the Prince married Snow White. They had a ball. And invited the Evil Queen. She asked the magic mirror who is the fairest one of all. Then, the mirror said yes. You are fair indeed. But the Queen is fairer than you. Then as she was puzzled. She went to the ball. And was shocked that Snow White was alive. They gave her shoes. That made her dance until she dies. And they lived Happily Ever After.

4. Sleeping Beauty: Illustrated By: K.Y. Craft.

The legend of Briar Rose, the lovely princess who pricked herself on a spindle of a spinning wheel. And, fell into a deep slumber. The evil fairy casted this spell to the princess Aurora. Since, she was not invited to Aurora’s christening. So she casted this spell. Only to be corrected by another fairy. That she would sleep for 1,000 years. Until she was rescued and by loves first kiss. So a young prince came to know of the legend. And took the challenge. He makes it to the princess. And kissed her. She wakes up. And they were wedded. And the kingdom awoke. For the enchantment was broken. And they lived Happily Ever After.

5. Pegasus By:  Marrian Mayer Illustrated by C. K. Craft.

Pegasus is a winged horse. Who flew freely.

Condemned by a jealous king. Bellerophon learns of the story of the maiden whose son died, and cried into a stream. And this place was Pegasus favorite place.

Bellerophon drank the water from the stream. And finds Pegasus. And they became trusted of each other. They go and battle Chimera ( a beast) By driving the spear into its heart. In the end Bellerophon was a hero and married the King’s daughter.

6. The Tail of the Firebird. By: Garredy Spirin

Ivan Tsarevitch, youngest son of Tsar, goes on a magical quest in the Russian folklore. The miraculous show of the Firebirds feathers leads Ivan on a journey. Of many days and night, with wonders and terrors along the way.

Before he knows it he is flying on the back of the talking wolf confronting the wicked Yogi. And rescued the most beautiful princess. They were wedded, and live Happily Ever After.

7. Rumpelstiltskin By: Grimm Brothers.

The Millers daughter was rumoured to make gold out of straw. And showed the Prince she was a good wife to him.

So, the Prince shut her in a room filled with straw. She cried so hard. That a little man appeared. And, helped the maiden spin the straw into gold. Then by morning the king saw the gold. And married the maiden. And another night he locked her in a room for more.

The little man appeared again, and helped the maiden spin the straw into gold. He then had her promise to give him her first-born child.  She agreed. And when she and the King had their first born. The little man appeared. Crying the maiden asked him not to take the baby. Then the little man, said I’ll give you 3 day’s to guess my name. And if you guess his name. She could keep the baby. If not he would take the baby.

Then, on the last day. The maiden asked one of her servants to follow the little man. And find out his name.  The servant finds out his name, Rumpelstiltskin. By, overhearing him singing around a campfire. Then the maiden guessed three times. And said is your name Rumpelstiltskin. Then the Little Man said, NOO! And vanished. And was never seen again. The maiden kept the baby. And lived Happily Ever After.

8. The Magic Nesting Doll By: Jacqueline K. Ogburn.

Katya’s grandmother took a little matryiska, a nesting doll out of a small box. If your need is great open the doll and help will come. But you may only do so three times. After that the magic will be gone.

A wicked spell has changed a handsome young prince to a pale glassy figure made of living ice. And his kingdom to frozen landscape of night without the moon, dark without dawn.

Katya knows that its up to her to rescue the prince and undo the spell that banished the sun. Armed with only the magic nesting doll and her own valiant heart. She is determined to succeed. Will the Magic Nesting Doll be strong enough to prevail.

9. The Twelve Dancing Princesses By: Mariana Mayer

Every night the king locks his twelve daughters in their room. Every morning, he finds the princesses looking unearthly pale. And their new dancing slippers in tatters. Can a young gardener solve the mystery without becoming bewitched himself?