Hi! It’s me again. There are times when you feel like, you’re tired of eating healthy. And you go for the Hamburger and fries. I know you are thinking. I thought you wanted us to eat healthy. But let me tell you. A hamburger might be just perfect. And you can still stay healthy.

  1. Lean Beef is essential to what you are feeling. Sometimes you feel like eating something that is mostly considered bad. But the ingredients are: Beef, lettuce, tomato, onions, and cheese. And a whole wheat bun will make it easier to digest. And will not make you gain weight.
  2. Fries are potatoes. On occasion fries can be a satisfying. It makes you happy. And are delicious.
  3. When you feel satisfied. You are happy!
  4. Salads can sometimes be more fattening than a hamburger.  Salad dressing has sugar. And a salad can have more calories than a hamburger.
  5. Sorry to vegetarians. But when you eat a hamburger. You get protein, and iron. Even vegetarians need Iron. And you could develop Iron deficiency. And Iron shots are very painful.

So, go ahead and order a Hamburger with Fries! Enjoy!