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Letter From the Author:

Dear Readers,

Hello, to all! I have another treasure for you. In my Beautiful series. I have come across a topic in Beauty. Health, is a big part of  everyone’s life. Being healthy is important for your well-being. In this edition, I will talk about health topics. That make you feel beautiful. Because your well-being inside as well as outside will make you Beautiful.

In this book, I will go into depth in keeping yourself fit and healthy. Here we will talk about exercise tips, workout clothes, food tracking, and creating meal plans in loosing weight. I am with you. I’ll take your hand and I will show you that you can achieve your goals. You are not alone. Also we will talk about Longevity. In keeping yourself Beautiful at any age.



Anjalee Jadav


   Can I ask a question? What do you like about yourself?  Many of you will answer something with how you look. Like, I have good hair. Or, my legs are long. Maybe, you have a nice booty. Whatever it is. You identify yourself as valuable. I will help you with how you feel about yourself.  Throughout this whole book. Because keeping a positive mind will make you even more attractive to everyone around you. Give me your hand. I will guide you along this journey. As we both will make discoveries about ourselves that we never knew before.

  Society is harsh when we don’t like our bodies. You may feel too heavy, or too skinny. Instead why not say. I am beautiful at any size. It’s the fact that you should always aim to improve yourself. And to not give up. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Don’t let other people tell you any different. If you are around people who make you feel depressed about your body. Don’t let them. If they criticize you don’t hang around them. They probably feel insecure themselves when they bully you.

  It is now 2017! So, many of you have created resolutions. I am here to help you achieve your goals all year. I encourage you to stick to it. January is the busiest month for gyms. You may be checking out a new type of exercise. Maybe you purchased new equipment. However you do it. You created your goals of what you want to achieve. Many people are trying to lose weight. And to wear a bikini during spring and summer. So you can set your goals. And say I want to have a Bikini Body.

   This book is a step by step planner for you to accomplish your fitness and nutrition goals.  So get a calendar or a planner. And track your fitness routine. And keep track of your nutrition. Let’s get started.

Chapter 1:

   Starting a new path to a healthier you, takes discipline. Get in the habit of recording everyday your nutrition and fitness plan. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced. You should always record what you put in your body. And what you do to your body. Doing this it will help you recognise what to change or add. Is a great way to record your nutrition. It’s free to join. And keeps track of your nutrition. Write down everything you eat, and drink, including water.  And the site will create charts and record your daily calories. If you stick to a 1,000 calorie diet. With exercise at least 30 minutes to an hour workout. You will lose weight. If you’re a beginner exercise at least 3 days a week. For intermediate training. Gradually build your fitness to 4-5 days a week. Then, for advanced, work out everyday.

  I have recently started running. My trainer is gradually teaching me running. For 5-10 minutes. During my workouts. And it is doing wonders. The first time I started running. I was breathing heavy. But I knew it would help me in the long run. The one thing that helps, is finding the right shoes. Here is some helpful information on finding perfect running shoes.

How to Start Running – Well Guide to Running for Beginners – Well Guides – The New York Times

Choose a Shoe

  Ignore shoe sales pitches about pronation or high arches and don’t be swayed by brand names. Instead, try on four or five running shoes, jog around the store and let your feet decide. In a sweeping review of the science on running shoes and injuries, researchers found that the most important feature of a running shoe is (brace yourself) — comfort. That’s it. Choose a shoe that feels good.


We are on the track to being fit. Let’s take this trail together. I am with you every step of the way.  

The one thing I struggle with is plateaus. Plateaus is when you stay the same weight. You’re not gaining and not losing. This means you are either not getting into your target heart rate. Or, you are not eating right. Based on your age. You want to find your heart rate at 70% percentage. In order to break the plateau.  I know this means you have to amp up your speed.  Or, exercise longer. I know you’re thinking, “great more work”. I know it gets annoying when someone tells you, you have to work harder.  Like, it’s not enough.  Ugg!

Perhaps you feel too skinny. In my teenager years. I was really thin. I could eat anything and not gain. I wanted to be more curvy. The best way to gain weight. Is using weights. To tone and strengthen. But that was a long time ago. Over the years, I got more curvy.  Once, you stop growing taller, you grow wider. And this is true.  I am 35 years old now. And I have a good curvy structure.  I just need to tone up in certain areas.

If you read the other books in my Beautiful series. You know you should be drinking 8-10 glasses of water, a day.  Water hydrates your whole body. It flushes out toxins, and helps with digestion. If you drink water with lemons every morning. It will help with digestion. And will help you lose weight. Avoid sodas and other sugar filled drinks. These drinks are loaded with sugar. And sugar is not good for your health. Cancer feeds off of sugar. If you cut your sugar intake to 6 teaspoons a day. You will be in better health. Another drink that has been reported as dangerous. Is Red Bull. Red Bull has been linked to kidney and liver damage.  So just be careful in drinking these drinks. Don’t make it into an addiction.

Now, we will discuss food. You should be eating protein in order to lose weight. And also green vegetables. Eating 3 meals a day. With a well balanced dinner is beneficial. If you are vegetarian eat beans to add protein in your diet. If you eat meat. Eat organic meats from the farmers market.  Try not to eat sugary foods. Again sugar is not good. Cancer feeds off of sugar, and can lead to Diabetes. Also if you stick to 6 teaspoons a day of sugar. Your heart will be better. It will reduce your chances of heart attacks and strokes.

Get in the habit of reading food labels. Look at the serving size. Measure the sugar content, and also the sodium content (which is salt). Both of these ingredients are bad when they are abused. And when you are trying to lose weight, these should be cut out of your diet. Jillian Michael’s, says you should stay away from salt. When trying to lose weight. Salt retains fluid in your system.

The next topic is chocolate. And I will be informing you if chocolate is healthy, or bad. So if you’re a chocolate lover you may love this read. I have found that chocolate comes from seeds of the cacao tree that have an intense bitter taste and must be fermented to develop the flavor.  There are many different types of chocolate. There is dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and semi-sweet chocolate. They are each made a little differently to make each type of chocolate.  Just differing in their components.  Chocolate was first used as a liquor drink. And have found its way into milk, hot cocoa, and the chocolate chip cookie. Chocolate is an ingredient in many recipe’s. And is a worldwide known food.

What I have found is dark chocolate is the most healthiest types of chocolate. Dark chocolate has no trans fat, 0% sodium, 14g of sugar, and is said to be a stimulant. “Consumption of dark chocolate or cocoa lowered people’s blood pressure an average of two to three points (millimeters of mercury), according to a 2012 review of 20 different studies”. (Katherine Harmon Courage). 

While milk chocolate is more fattening. It has a very high sugar content. So if you consume milk chocolate. Only eat 1 serving. Which could be 3 pieces of a chocolate bar.  Or try the mini version like: mini recess peanut butter cups, or mini snickers bar.  Read the label to see the different calories and how much you can consume.  Don’t over indulge. Chocolate is only meant to be a moderate food.  You know the saying of: “Too much of a good thing. Is too good to be true.”

Whenever you eat any type of chocolate always read the label. Even dark chocolate can be bad if you over indulge. So please read the label. “If consuming dark chocolate in moderate quantities has the ability to decrease the risk of by Plus-HD-9.5″ href=”″ target=”_blank”>HEART DISEASE, it could have a role to play in reducing medical costs” as well, Farhat says.

So to end this topic. I have found a Dark Chocolate ice cream recipe. It’s healthy for you. And you don’t have to churn it.

No-Churn Chocolate Ice Cream By: Leslie Bilderback
Makes about 1 quart of ice cream

I prefer my chocolate  ice  cream  deep  and  dark. If you prefer yours a  touch milkier, you can omit the cocoa powder. If you like it even darker,  by Plus-HD-9.5″ href=”″ target=”_blank”>SUBSTITUTE unsweetened chocolate for half of the bittersweet chocolate.

1 cup bittersweet chocolate, chopped (or bittersweet chocolate by Plus-HD-9.5″ href=”″ target=”_blank”>CHIPS)
1 cup milk
One 13-ounce can sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
Pinch of salt
2 cups heavy cream

Place the chopped chocolate in a large bowl. Bring the milk to a near boil, then pour it over the chopped chocolate. Let sit for 5 minutes, then stir until smooth.

Stir in sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, cocoa powder, lemon juice, and salt.

In a separate bowl, whip the heavy cream until it reaches soft peak. Fold the cream gently into the chocolate milk mixture, then transfer to a shallow freezable container.

Cover with plastic wrap or waxed paper pressed directly on the surface of the ice cream, and place in the freezer for 6 hours.

Scoop and serve the ice cream with fresh berries, whipped cream, bitter orange caramel, a sprinkle of fancy salt, or crushed Hawaiian-style potato by Plus-HD-9.5″ href=”″ target=”_blank”>CHIPS.


Chapter 2:

  The topic we will discuss next, is about midnight snacking.  And which foods are good that wont make you gain weight.  In this list I’ll tell you which food’s are good. And which to avoid.

First I have to say it’s not proven that you shouldn’t eat past 8:00 pm. If you’re hungry during the night. And have trouble falling asleep. Here are some foods that are okay to eat during those late hours at night.

  1. Non-fat Greek yogurt- This food will make you sleep better at night. It will calm your stomach, and will make you feel full.
  2. String Cheese- If you eat 1 serving of string cheese. It will curb your growling stomach. It’s only  80 calories. And you will have a restful sleep.
  3. Banana-1 banana is a stimulant that helps you sleep. It has potassium, It’s good for your bones, and curbs your appetite.
  4. Baby carrots- Because they are crunchy. If you crave something that has a crunch in its bite. It triggers your brain to be satisfied.  And will curb your growling stomach.  Which means a restful sleep.
  5. Also don’t skip dinner. If you eat protein ( like chicken) for your main dish. With green veggies like broccoli. It will make you fuller longer.  So it will keep you from bingeing during the night.
  6. White meat turkey slices- You will sleep better if you eat turkey before bed. But only 2 slices should do the trick.  It’s the reason why we feel tired on Thanksgiving after eating the feast.

Now here’s a list of foods to avoid:

  1. Chocolate- Chocolate has caffeine in it. And will trigger the brain to a sleepless night.
  2. Coffee and Soda- Is another caffeine stimulant. If it’s non-caffeinated, should be a better choice.
  3. Nuts- Nuts are fat. People think that they are a healthy option. But during the night. It will turn into stomach fat.
  4. Cow’s milk- Before bed is really bad. It aways turns into fat, during sleep. ( Try Almond milk instead)
  5. Yellow cheese- Before bed is bad. It will just turn into fat over night.
  6. Cookies- Well this should be a given. Cookies at night are always bad when your trying to sleep. And will make you fat during sleep.
  7. Ice cream- Ice Cream is milk, cream, and sugar. 3 worst ingredients to eat before bed. You will bloat.

I hope this helped you in eating better at night. There are options you can have. So don’t deprive yourself. And you should be fine.


This next topic is important. Because it will prevent yourself from having injuries. While working out.  I know the stress it is to get fit. And seeing all those pictures on the internet. With skinny girls in their bathing suits. Gets you depressed. You are comparing yourself to someone else.  But I say exercise to keep yourself healthy. But do it where you are not hurting yourself. Read the warning labels when you begin a workout. Wether it is a workout video. Or machine equipment. Wether you workout at home or the gym. Always read the safety instructions. Here’s an instruction list to workout the right way. Remember to consult your doctor before you begin a workout.

  1. Before you begin a workout. Get a glass of water, a towel, and any equipment that is required for your workout.
  2. Stretch before and after each workout.
  3. Stop if you are hurting, and pushing yourself too far. You can pull a muscle. Only go within your comfort zone. If you can’t touch your toes. Maybe touch your ankle, knees, or calf.
  4. If you are a beginner go slow. And watch the beginner demonstrations. When doing a video. They have beginner, moderate, and advanced demo’s. So only go to what your body is telling you. And if you can’t do a certain move. Stop. Then start again for the next sequins.
  5. Do Not Compare Your Body to Someone Else!
  6. Eat a snack before and after a workout.  It’s not good to workout on an empty stomach. It will give you fuel to be able to push yourself. While working out.
  7. If you ache the next day. Have a rest day. Before you workout again. If you can schedule your workouts. With a rest day in between.
  8. Try to have fun! Instead of putting stress in doing a workout. Have fun while doing it. Imagine your body. Getting thin, and sexy.

I hope this helped you. I want you to have fun while working out. Smile and be happy.


Yoga is a great exercise you should try. It lengthens and tones your body. And melts fat off. Many people who try yoga see results instantly. They look longer and leaner. It also helps with balance and posture. As it also regulates breathing. And clearing out your lungs. Each pose is a body firming technique. For beginners. You would learn the sun salutation poses. You also learn the cat and cow pose. The child’s pose, and tree pose. Then you work on balancing poses. Yoga prevents injuries, and stretches out your body. If I’m in a mood where I don’t want to do hard exercise. I do a 30 minute yoga video. As it makes me feel relaxed, while toning and strengthening, at the same time.  I always feel better after I do yoga. It also helps with keeping positive thoughts.

Another good exercise is Zumba. I love it! You have fun and forget you’re exercising. Because they add dancing to the workout. Making it fun. I am always doing the abs in a chair, 30 min video. It’s my favorite workout.  And I see results fast.


Also, I enjoy any of the Jillian Michael’s videos. She really knows what gets the weight off. She may be tough. But that’s how it works. She has you push past your boundaries. And gives you a push in the right direction. Whenever I do any of her workouts. I see results instantly.

The next workout, I like to do is the Brazil Butts, tightening and lengthening, with ankle weights.  This workout is a butt sculpting guru. I am noticing a huge difference. My Butt is smaller, rounder, and less cellulite.  Even my mom see’s a difference. She says my butt looks smaller. And when your mom says something about your body. You always feel better.

Windsor Pilates is also a popular workout. Many people love it. As it burns fat total body. The fat melts right off. If you stay consistent. Many star’s like this exercise.  Because it targets more muscles, that other workout’s miss. You work with all muscles. And shrinks your waistline fast.

  Chapter 3:

Creating meal plans is a way to plan ahead of what you will be eating. The most important meal of the day is Breakfast. Most people who are thin. Always eat some kind of breakfast in the morning. It keeps you from bingeing throughout the day. If you starve yourself. You will be inclined to over eating at dinner time. And also you could bloat if you are not eating throughout the day.  Remember to eat at least 3 small meals. And count your portion size. Measure your meats on a poultry scale. Eat at least 1 cup green vegetables with your main course.

Below is a weekly plan chart. To create meal plans. Make copies of this chart to help you. Keep this in your daily food log. Make your groceries lists in advance. Notice I gave more room on Sunday. I have one rule. If you eat right throughout the week. Save one day for a treat. Like a cookie, or a donut.



Chapter 4:

Workout clothes can be stylish. Most girls wear yoga pants, and a matching tee-shirt. Most gyms have a dress code. So some of your clothes may be viewed as too revealing. You can wear sports bras. But also a tee-shirt to cover up.

The fashion for workout clothes is found in many stores. I personally buy my workout clothes from Wal-Mart. I have found many options in affordable prices. I got 2 pairs of pants, and 3 tee shirts. Under $80.00! I love getting more for what you pay for.

Also, get extra hair ties. To tie your hair back. Also, if you have long hair. Cut your hair short. And you may be surprised that you will lose a couple of pounds of hair.

Here’s an article I found on Longevity. 

Updated September 07, 2016

“Longevity is defined as “long life” or “a great duration of life.” The term comes from the Latin word longaevitās. In this word, you can see how the words longus (long) and aevum (age) combine into a concept that means an individual who lives a long time.” Mark Stibich, PhD

“The most important part of this definition is the comparative nature of it. Long life implies longer than something –- and that something is the average life (or obviously a shorter-than-average life, as well).” Mark Stibich, PhD

“If you live longer than the average person, then you could be said to have longevity. Striving for your maximum potential age is the goal of longevity. This potentially can be reached through practicing healthy behaviors and attitudes.” Mark Stibich, PhD

To age gracefully. You have to keep yourself healthy. Which means exercise regularly. Sleep 7-8 hours a night. Eat green vegetables with every meal. And the biggest one is. Don’t Smoke. Also,surrounding yourself with people who love you. Including pets can help with depression.

If you are a smoker. You are cutting yourself short by each individual cigarette. Quit while you can. You don’t want cancer, or heart problems. Don’t let it be too long . Just think Madonna doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol. If the Queen can do it. You can do it too.

Chapter 5:

If, you read Beautiful! Part 1. It gave secrets to younger and healthier skin. As I have illustrated in detail about your health. In this book, I demonstrate in detail with factual information. I have always said love your body. And keeping it healthy will make you beautiful.  I briefly talked about health in other Beautiful books in this series. And this book goes into more detailed information.  I hope I encouraged you to eat and exercise better. Being healthy is sexy. And you are Beautiful at any age. This concludes the book. Beautiful! Healthy Lifestyle.