Book Club

Book Club with Children’s Books:

Hi! I’m back with the next session to the Book Club. I wanted to touch base with you all. Here are some of the best children’s book classics. From Fantasy, Fiction, and Nobel Prize stories. These stories are not the Disney versions. These are the stories Walt Disney recreated. They are classics. Let’s Begin.

  1. Rapunzel, By Dutton
  2. Cinderella, By Mayer Craft
  3. Snow White, By Santore
  4. Sleeping Beauty, By Mayer Craft
  5. Pegasus, By Mayer Craft
  6. The Tale of the Firebird, By Philomel
  7. Rumpelstilskin, By Dutton
  8. The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Mulberry
  9. The Magic Nesting Doll, By: Ogburn, Long

These books are filled with rich illustrations and artwork. They are truly magical. The discussion for this thread is March 31st. So you have time to read them all.




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