Don’t you hate the word “Diet”.  No one likes that word. So I wanted to let you in on being healthy and fit. Without using that word. Instead say Life Changing or Nutrition Changes. When we use “diet” it brings up depression, anxiety, and boredom. Change your way of thinking. And just use other creative expressions to describe your fitness and nutrition goals. When you change your way of thinking. You will program your brain to more healthy thoughts.  And you will not put too much stress on yourself in loosing weight.

Believe me I’ve heard  so many health guru’s. And they make you feel that you are doing it all wrong all these years. That’s a load of Bull.  They just want to sell you something. Stick to what you know. Like, drinking water, instead of soda and juice.  Exercise at least 4 times a week. Take your vitamins. And don’t smoke. Eat little meals throughout the day, and have a well balanced dinner. If you do this much. You will make progress.

Also, know that everyone has a different body. What works with someone else may not work for you. So know when to say stop. I can’t run today, because my leg hurts. Know when something is not working for you. It’s okay to say no. When you have a trainer you do have to tell them your limits. They can push you too far. And hurt you if you don’t tell them something hurts. Or, if you’re sick.

Remember it’s knowing your limits and strength’s. I hope you liked this article. Take care and have a great day!