1. Your Beauty Mark. Your eccentric guide to Glamour. By Dita Von Teese.

This book is where I get most of my Beauty advice from. And I loved this book from start to finish. In fact this is where my Beautiful! Series started.

Discussion: Dita Von Teese is a very informative person. She was married to Marilyn Manson. And gives her advice in Beauty. She loves makeup. And really woke me up to a world your makeup can be.  She’s a model, and burlesque actress. She introduced the cat’s eye. And talked about makeup throughout the whole book. From head to toe she gives examples of how she gets herself ready.  She also includes a workout section in how she gets into shape. She has a sharp sense of humour. And is a classy girl that shows strength and beauty.

2. Fallen! By Lauren Kate

This is the first book in the Fallen series. And It sucked me in. I’m sure if you read Fallen. You would not put it down. And this book will make you want to read the whole series.

Fallen is a fiction story about a girl named Luce. She goes to a charter school for students who have committed crimes. She makes friends with a girl named Arianne. And she meets a boy named Daniel Gregory. They don’t get off on the right foot. But slowly she and Daniel become a couple. Then he reveals to her that they have had many lifetimes together. And discovers that Daniel is a real angel. I loved this book and highly recommend it. You will want to read the whole series.

3. Walking Home! By: Sonya Croquette

This book is a motivational book. With a journey at the Camino trail. Sonya takes a pilgrimage to walk the Camino. And it has her deal with her struggles. And on her way of healing. I could not put it down.

Sonya was having marital problems. And was on the verge of splitting with her husband. When she decides to walk the Camino trail, in Spain. It was the trail of Apostle Peter when he fled from persecution from Rome. After Jesus died. Here she walks everyday on this trail and makes revelations to healing. She meets many interesting people on this trail. And on the end of the trail she see’s Apostle Peters tomb where he is buried. She ends up reconciling after she completes her pilgrimage, to her husband Patrick.

4. Black House! by: Stephan King, and Peter Straub

This book is about a cannibal in Illinois. He eats children he kidnaps. This will be my horror story for the month of October. And will give you the chills while reading each page.

Black House was an intense book full of events and crime. This town in Illinois, is a target of a cannibal. No one knows who he is. And is the talk of the town. Then Jack goes missing. And the detective investigates the crime. Here we meet many characters. And finds out about the Black House. When all of a sudden the police got a phone call from the cannibal from a pay phone. Then the whole town got into a riot. Then the detective finds out about the Black House. And investigates it. In the end Jack escapes the Cannibal and gets free. Read it and find out!