Update: Book Club deadline is this December 31st. And hope to discuss these books soon. So if you read any of these books. Comment below.

Anjalee Jadav

Hi everyone! I have decided to add a fun section. My very own Book Club on this site. Now what’s required is you partake of the discussion thread below. And talk about the books discussed. I will give you enough time to read them. And we all can make a discussion thread on the deadline.

The First Books I will be reading or recommend:

For the month of October:

  1. Your Beauty Mark. Your eccentric guide to Glamour. By Dita Von Teese.

This book is where I get most of my Beauty advice from. And I loved this book from start to finish. In fact this is where my Beautiful! Series started.

2. Fallen! By Lauren Kate

This is the first book in the Fallen series. And It sucked me in. I’m sure if you read Fallen. You would not put it down. And this book will make you want to read…

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