It is now December 1st. And I have another style guide for this winter season. Read on for color schemes, themes, accessories, and more.

  1. Red is always good for the winter time. A nice red dress is perfect when you’re attending parties, and social gatherings.
  2. Another color to go to is green. A green blouse with jeans for a casual look is festive.
  3. Also what makes your outfit complete are accessories. Like scarves, boots, jewelry, and winter hats.
  4. And don’t forget that skin care is still important in winter season. You still need to use sunscreen, or makeup that has SPF in it. And moisturize regularly. Your skin may be dry during the winter month’s. And stay hydrated with water.
  5. Makeup can be bold at this time of year. Like gold or silver eye shadow and red lipstick.  Just make sure, if you wear red dresses. Off set it with a lighter shade of red or pink lipstick. It makes the look classy.
  6. Also a nice coat in black is a style staple.
  7. Also use other colors in coats. Like red, blue, grey, camel, or white. Have a little variety with other colors. To make the look more festive approach.

Well I hope you liked my style advice. Take Care! And Happy Holiday’s!