Hi! It’s me again. And I’ve got another health and beauty topic to discuss. Are you getting enough Vitamin D? Also what times, and which foods are we eating that provides vitamin D?  Well we know that the sun has UV rays. And we need to put sunblock, at least 30 SPF, during the course of the day. In the summer, spring, fall, and winter. Also, even in the rain you should use sunblock. But did you know that at certain times of the day? We should be getting vitamin D. As I have researched about the times of day we are to go outside. For 30 minutes duration. I have come across different times a day. That provides Vitamin D. They are early morning around 7:00 am -9:00 am. Also Noon is a good time to be outside.

Now the debate is do we want to expose ourselves without sunblock during these times? For 30 minutes duration. Or do we get it from foods like tuna, fruits, and green vegetables, nuts, and vitamin supplements? Instead of exposing ourselves to the sun’s damaging effects that causes skin cancer.

Vitamin D is essential to how the body digests its food. And makes the cycles of your body regular. Vitamin D deficiency is just as harmful as going without sunblock. So if we find a balance between doing it occasionally during the week to go outside. Without sunblock, we should be fine.

But the beauty world is about using sunblock Always! So I am debating this issue. Sun damage causes premature aging, wrinkles, sun spots, freckles, and skin cancer. So I feel maybe if you prefer getting your vitamin D from foods, and vitamin supplements. Sounds better. Than exposure to the sun. Is up to you. But just know that some exposure to the sun can also be good. And wont hurt periodically.

If you can find a balance between the two. You should be fine. But the choice is yours. I would love to hear your thoughts about this issue. Please use the discussion thread below for your input. I hope you liked this article. And look forward to your suggestions. Thank you for reading. And have a great day!